Albayon, Cabal Removal, Infusion of Light

This video includes my channeling of Albayon. He is an Arcturian Emissary of light that I work with consistently. At the time of this channel, he speaks of massive transformation taking place. The deep state, cabal, whatever name you want to call them, that are coming down at this time. This is a time of massive change and it is a time of the implementation of transparency. So many are seeking to live in the 5th dimension and higher and that is here now! As these people are removed from where they are, the remainder of humanity will expand naturally into this higher dimension. People are ready! People are open! We invite this all to evolve more fully.



IC2ITUC 11th June 2020 8:07 am

Of THOSE who have "Moved into the 5th Dimension", I WONDER if they will still vote DemocRAT as Their Party is Today !

IC2ITUC 15th June 2020 9:01 am

You say, and I QUOTE : " Donald Trump is MERGED with a NON TERRESTRIAL" (Capital letters for emphasis words ) Do you mean that the MERGE is his wife IVANKA or some OTHER MERGE ? If the MERGE is IVANKA, I Wonder if she is a Pleiadean ( she IS BEAUTIFUL as it is Reported MANY Pleiadean Women Are ) :thumbs: who took Human Form to Help with this Shift and Ascension as a 'Direct Link Liaison', besides wife of Trump. This Aside, it is Interesting, TO ME how the ending letters of her First Name is Similar to those of the Ancient Race that were called 'The ANUNNAKI', who were Extraterrestrials who helped Guide the Human Race at that time they were here on Earth..

Shelly Dressel 1st July 2020 10:13 am

Hello, Thanks for reaching out. It is all very interesting information is it not? So Donald is married to Melania, Ivanka is his daughter. Melania is a Nordic, which is part of the Pleiades. I'm not 100 % sure who Trump is merged with. I've had several people ask if he is low vibration and my response is always; no! He could not be doing what he is doing if he was low vibration, he would just be adding to it. I haven't looked at Ivanka to get more information about her, however, I sense she is probably high vibration also. They need a strong solid force to support each other.