Brysentia Speaks of I AM that I AM, Love, Clearing the 3rd Dimension, Completion

This is a long video, but I'll try to add time markers for the various subjects. It is powerful! Brysentia speaks of all that his happening upon Earth and in the end, the biggest reminder..... we are almost done! This chaos will come to end within a few short months.

The beginning is general information about what is happening and that this may centuries coming to where we are right now.

0430: long ago the universe and the planets were much smaller which had Pleiadies closer to the planet than it is now. She is also speaking of ascension.

12:25 speaking of the matrix, gravity, the changes in the vibration with the different civilizations that have lived on earth. They all have their purpose, but they also represent life experiences.

19:00 at this point Brysentia spoke of parallel lives and parallel universes. we are all living in multiple places and this gives one the feeling of how it all intertwines. As the vibration rises, many will leave our planet.

27:35 state of consciousness, dimensions, awareness. In the higher vibration, people will have an opportunity to experience multiple levels at the same time. This will support and expand everyone's awareness.

35:00 (ish) She speaks of self-love, self-esteem, and cautions people to NEVER speak poorly about themselves. It's about respecting yourself, open int to your potentials, and as you see yourself with strength you can see it in others. I AM that I AM.

45:00 question from Vilma about the riots and chaos. Stating it has never been directed at her and what humanity do in this situation.