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Video > This is the TRUE time of Ascension

I did this video as a Facebook live and wanted to share it here also. There is so much going on with the election here in the US today and I felt as if my group wanted to come and speak.

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Video > Albayon Speaks of Clones, Body Double, COVID 19 and Trends

This is an excerpt from the full channel with the ULB's (Universal Light Beings) in which Albayon speaks of some of the information that is coming out at this time.

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Video > Albayon, Cabal Removal, Infusion of Light

This video includes my channeling of Albayon. He is an Arcturian Emissary of light that I work with consistently. At the time of this channel, he speaks of massive transformation taking place. 

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Video > Goddess Light: (meditation) AA Michael's Sword of Light

Channeled meditation about releasing old patterns and habits that hold you back.

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Video > 2015 Welcome to the New Year!

This is a New Year's message from the Goddess of Creation about the prosperity, shifting dimensions, expansion, greater integration and greater awareness of the crystalline energies.

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Video > 2014 New Year Message from the Goddess of Creation

This video talks about the changes in energy that will be more apparent this year. She spoke of how our alignment with divinity is more powerful than ever.

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