Goddess Light: (meditation) AA Michael's Sword of Light

Channeled meditation about releasing old patterns and habits that hold you back. ArchAngel Michael gave each of a sword of light to: Illuminate what we want to shift, clear out the area and then seal it off for a more permanent change. It's filled with the Lightbody crystalline energies and can be very powerful.



Heartfelt courage 21st December 2014 3:39 am

I sleep with your necklace under my pillow and about a year ago I acquired the exact same sword myself. I'm beginning to feel their revelance in this space. Where I am right now is where I'm suppose to be. Thank you goddess!

Shelly Dressel 12th January 2015 12:02 am

That is super cool! I always love to hear the synchronicity of people have multiple experiences or reading the same thing in different places. I'm glad it's helpful to you.