This is the TRUE time of Ascension

I did this video as a Facebook live and wanted to share it here also. There is so much going on with the election here in the US today and I felt as if my group wanted to come and speak. This is about a deeply, deeply seated energy that has been around for thousands of years that are now being cleared.

It is essential to remember that you are more than just this life. That you have value and you shine a brilliant light. Let your light shine! Let it be all around the world so that we may complete this ascension into the 5th dimension.



Heartfelt courage 6th November 2020 7:00 am

Thank you thank you sooo much goddess! I'm sending this to all my friends and family, as they are feeling as I do! I now realize that there

Is no way I can conceive of all that is happening, but to trust in the light of us all to bring this to a conclusion! What ran through my mind yesterday

Just will not do! Although I'm 5 months older than this man he reminds me of my father and my love of the sea because he was a long distance

Swimmer makes me feel close to Atlantis! I again want to thank you for being here right now!

Shelly Dressel 30th November 2020 12:18 pm

Hello Heartfelt Courage! Thank you so much for your comment. These are very challenging times, however, it is what we knew was coming and I feel stronger and stronger every day. To me, the absolute key is to not look at media!! I don't even look at Twitter much anymore! There is a lot of corruption and people are fighting back, so the more I stay out of the energy, even by not reading, the better I feel.

Keep the light~~~


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