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Delanderius 1st November 2010 5:19 pm

Ah, yes... Thank you for another opportunity to feel helpless and / or upset over the plight of the planet... Another chance to add to the psychic pollution that is Life in a state of perpetual crisis, as if we are all teetering on the edge of oblivion because modern society has gotten a bit off track from receiving and giving the grace of nature, with it's beautiful flowers and countless ways to die a terrible death. The guilt I feel is...shameful. I am so inspired now to think about how wretched humanity is for spilling some garbage into the oceans. Our Mother must really love us to put up with such horrible, ungrateful, disrespectful children. I really should call her more often...

In all seriousness, this video to my mind exemplifies a mentality that is a disease in the mind of modern man. Though well intentioned, the environmental movement has become just another voice in the chorus line of fear for the future. THAT is a big problem we face - this new Psychic pollution that poisons our minds and blinds us to the peace and beauty around us...NOW. It's a sickness we created.

octavia30 2nd November 2010 9:25 pm

Wow,Gaia sounds just like an over dramatic human!

Delanderius 20th November 2010 5:05 pm

You're right, the images are really quite beautiful. It was the message in the text that I found so ... distasteful. Ugly, really. I guess I'm just getting tired of people beating up on humanity because of a lack of a healthful, historical perspective. It' so easy to point out how short we fall of our ideals and notions of how things should be; it's so much harder to appreciate that nature is smatter than all of us clever humans, and unlike us, wastes nothing.

JediKnightDavid 24th November 2010 9:15 pm

What Delanderius fails to see is that his own thoughts betray him. We on this site can feel your pain again, Delanderius and as a Jediknight protector of these spiritual people I have to remind you that the text of this message is a "call" to action and not a put down on Humanity to feel guilt!!! To say that we are surrounded by absolutely nothing is far from the truth when Earth was created to be a Living Library for the rest of the Galaxy. For long ago we were the stewards of this creation and we will learn to be this again. Everything that you say is 'Nothing" is all mirrored to us by Mother Earth from the energy of the Stars that shine on her. We all will have the chance to heal Earth soon but it begins with realizing there is a job to do in the "Service to Others"... To be part of the soul-ution and be a small part in the wholeness of the Oneness.

Delanderius 25th November 2010 12:23 am

LOL!!! The quote about being surrounded by Nothing is from Terry Pratchett's "Eric," which is a humorous take on Faust. It's from a point in the story where the characters are transported to "The Beginning," where God is making the Discworld and Rincewind a not particularly good egg'n'crip sandwich. I guess they don't teach Humor at the Jedi Academy, though....
As for the rest, yes, I am in pain. And I'm not the only one. That's the point I was trying to make. Since I was a child, people have been telling me that this or that horrible thing was going to happen because of pollution or because of our sinful nature or whatever, and as a call to action it's a lousy motivator. It inspires a sense of helplessness and terror, and instills a sense of there being no future and nothing to be happy about. And I just want to be happy, which is not narrowly selfish or vain. A happy person makes others happy. A vitalizing forces vitalizes. And don't try to learn me about service, boy. I've been fighting for the future of this planet since you were just a Padawan Learner. :coolsmiley

JediKnightDavid 25th November 2010 6:13 am

We fail to see the humor at your Faust especially when it comes to the changes happening on one of God’s planets. BTW you lose your energy when you are always in reaction. If you don’t want to be learned then why do you tell us about your pain as a child? Don’t you know that you attract what you focus on and the negativity you focus on grows? Try to remember, there are others here who might have grown up with Love and believing in Knights who defend an ideal is more a vitalizing force then you upsetting the light quotient of peaceful Lightworkers.You only show you do not have our Divine Faith! We’re all here because we look to our divine family in the higher realms for guidance! Angelic civilizations like Andromeda,Pleiadies, & Sirus plus nonphysical realms like the winged Arcturians,Archangels and Ascended Masters who help us & Earth each day and await the time when they can do more. With all your fighting for this planet,you should see that we can't fail, right? You just show that you are of the Darkside and are feeding on making others above sad! This Jedi carries a staff because

JediKnightDavid 25th November 2010 6:22 am

Because Fighting is so Uncivilized... Sorry, ran out of room above!!! :angel: Blessings in the Light to all...^j^/

Delanderius 25th November 2010 2:22 pm

Sorry for upsetting your Light quotient. I hope you can forgive me. :-\\\\

BTW, I think you might want to reconsider where your keeping your staff because it's present localion appears to be making you a bit...uptight.

But it's good to know you've got it all figured out. I guess now I can finally get some rest.

This is silly... All I was trying to do was express my frustration at hearing how wretched humanity is, and that we're all a plague upon the planet, and that I perceive this approach of preaching to the masses is damaging to our psyches, collectively and individually. Now suddenly I'm upsetting the balance of the Universe... What a freakin joke.

JediKnightDavid 25th November 2010 6:04 pm

Your ending Faust is what is upsetting the balance of this site! As long as it appears, it will be upsetting to OUR Psyches, collectively! You show yourselve to be the true "joke" as The Council believes you to be the darkness here! The rest of us don't treat this site like any blog site as we are all here because we have learned to treat Critical Thinking with Love and Spirituality! The Council of Light is more concerned with creating "Ascended Masters" here and Humanity Healing, which you call preaching, is one of the most Highly respected websites that many members here enjoy! So if you want to go play in TV LAND, then go before I use one of my Jedi Mind Tricks on you! You have my premission to get some "rest"! "You Want to Go Home and Rethink Your Life" Everything is Well Under Control here! As you can see this is just Jedi Business! Everyone who has been reading can go back to there loving spirituality! This has raised Good Light Quotient but I am off to more important matters, like spending time with my love Padme'

Delanderius 26th November 2010 1:13 am

First of all, the quote is from Eric, not Faust. And I suggest you read the book before you reject it. I'm sorry if you don't see the humor in the quote. And I seriously doubt that a single, silly quote could cause such upset here. Perhaps if you had the context of the quote it would disturb you less.

Second, save your threats about Jedi Mind Tricks for someone who's impressed. And stop acting like you have some kind of authority to shut me up here. You're not the moderator.

Thirdly, I normally enjoy Humanity Healing's videos. On this instance I did not. Clealry. I'm baffeled why this is such a difficult thing for you. It's like I attacked you personally - which you've insinuated you would like to do to me.

And finally if The Council regards me as "the darkness," it's because they are blind, blind, blind. They do not see Me. They do not know Me. And if they are anything like you, sir, I am better off for it.

JediKnightDavid 26th November 2010 2:11 pm

As everyone can see, a Jediknight leaves many wounded egos on the battlefield! BTW let me assure the readers that the Councils of Light do see you all from the skies above. Aboard our Higher Dimensional Ships of Light, there are machines that monitor beings of higher consciousness and we can see the light that many of you radiate up to the heavens as the Kundaline energy of Gaia flows through you and upwards. It shines to us brighter then any artificial lights your city has and we especially see the crystal children younglings who are the budding souls of Great Masters and cannot be lost. We assure all of you that we, under the ultimate direction of Archangel Michael as well as the Pleiadian Ashtar Command and other leading members of the Galactic Federation of Light Worlds, that you and your children are being guarded right now by thousands of beautiful beings of light that are flooding on to the Earth plane as we speak. We wish to only warn readers about painful souls that attract our intention that are still roaming this and other sites!

JediKnightDavid 26th November 2010 2:19 pm

(cont from above)...These members create disharmony as well as create blogs and discussions with themselves by using two or three membership ID’s! My presence here is known to many of the clairvoyant writers here such as Doreen Virtue, Shantel Gabriel, Pepper Lewis and Meredith Murphy. The need is strong here for a Jediknight so that other peaceful members can feel safe and not feel they have to engage the Darkside. This is done for the writer's and members like Conni above to hopefully discourage the disharmony. As for better reading might I suggest Plato’s “Men in the Cave” to better understand the reason why some people cannot be happy as they are bond by their own pain. As Timejumpers, we assure you all that Our Creator has already decreed your victory against the dark Greys and Reptillians. So it shall be as we have come back in time to assure you all of this! The Darkside illusion is falling apart, we congratulate you all and I thank my adversary for this chance to bring Light!!
May Force of the Light be with you all during this special time in the history of our Galaxy!!!


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