June 2021 Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation

For your true Heart to Express, (not just the ego’s hot mess ;o) the courage to connect with Life must come from within. It is not that you must connect with every being or every experience, it is that within you, in your sacred sanctum, there is no fear that will not be met when the light makes it react.

That is what the Light of the sun does, it catalyzes a reaction for change. That is what the Light of your Awareness does. It is what the nurturance of your Love does.

Old sorrow transforms into new love.

Old anger transforms into new strength.

Old fear transforms into new courage.

What Reflection do you see? It’s just a moment in time being called to inner-lightened change.

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Please note: this month the video is a more practical journey with the monthly energies, while the written post is a deeper, esoteric journey.