March 2021 Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation

From Inner to Outer

There was a lot shifting in February, most intensely on the inner plane, and I expect the winds of change to increase in March, yet with an interesting twist as the slow-motion moment stretches into a potent deepening.

What began hinting in February and will continue increasing: the counterpoints experienced simultaneously as the spiral comes to a collision of opposites that were always connected, though the journey seemed so separate.

Collisions aren’t always violent, you the peacemaker hold the space of pre-form. When eyes meet and hearts collide, the moment is magnified and new direction implied.

The vision explained in the video reinforces the Patient Heart to observe the outer chaos and hold the space, the subtle, the timeless future in now. To foresee and hold strong as the spin blends fast and slow (how mo can you go ;o) where eyes can’t detail, the heart will define.

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