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Video > Conversation with Calleman

Jim Self and Carl Calleman discuss the true meaning of the Mayan Calendar on the day before the beginning of the Ninth Wave.

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Video > Love and Relationships in the Higher Dimensions

Jim Self discusses relationships and love in the higher dimensions with Sandie Sedgbeer

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Video > Jim Self - The 4th Dimension

Jim Self at the 10-10-10 Lightworker, Mastering Alchemy event in Scottsdale, AZ

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Video > Jim Self on VirtualLight October 2010

What's happening on Earth as we go forward? Magnetic Emotions/ Solar Flares - Jim Self on Skype: Universal Mind, Gamma Wave Pattern,
Alternative Response Mechanism that loosens the magnetics that attach us to limitation.

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Video > Jim Self on VirtualLight August 2010

Jim Self has been on the broadcast before and on Skype returning to share more about what is happening. here is an enormous opening going on as the magnetic fields are clearing. The universe is helping us with this process to release from the unconscious structures. Many thoughts and emotions are surfacing from the suppressed thoughts you have held on to and ready to surface. Pay attention and don't engage with it. This is one piece of the transition that is occurring by shifting your attention

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Video > Jim Self on VirtualLight February 2009

Jim Self is a recognized leader in the field of personal spiritual growth and self-development. He is a mentor and personal coach to many, a gifted healer, spiritual counselor, sought-after lecturer and author of Mastering Alchemy. Jim talks about alchemy as a way of life. As you become aware of what you are not you begin to align with self and rebuilding yourself.

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