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Video > Morning Conversation - Are You a Hider?

Have you been invalidated? Did you respond by pulling away or pushing against? Hiding or proving to others?

What caused the hurt may not have happened in that way you remember.

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Video > Morning Conversations - The Answer Lies Where the Question is Asked

There answer is right there where we ask it. But we move away from it as we “try” to figure it out. The more we effort, the further away the answer is. Find your space and you’ll find the answer.

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Video > Morning Conversations - Is Your Plate Too Full?

Are you missing significant (or simply fun) moments because you have your attention on too many things. Use the Mastering Alchemy tools to take a breath, return to present-time and enjoy what is before you.

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Video > Morning Conversations - That Moment of Creation

You do have the ability to change or create yourself. Learn to be clear and present in this moment and use the power that comes with creating the mindset that you are already successful.

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Video > Morning Conversations - Help - I’m Overwhelmed!

What type of person gets overwhelmed? Are you over-stimulated with others’ expectations and needs? Recognize what you may be doing to bring these situations into your life.

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Video > Morning Conversations - Time to Clean Your Closets?

Cleaning out your stuff is a great opportunity to examine the emotional/mental baggage associated with it. You can experience freedom when you identify and release both. You can’t take your baggage with you on this journey Home.

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Video > Morning Conversations - Are You Going and Going?

How do you assess where you are in relationship to where you want to be? Take time to celebrate even the small successes and see the benefits of taking pause to appreciate your accomplishments.

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Video > Morning Conversations - About Anxiety

We are moving into a place of preparation. There is a shift coming. Are you able to live in integrity, balance, neutrality? Be intentional and present to help yourself prepare to navigate these upcoming waves. Navigate through the anxiety.

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Video > Morning Conversations - What’s Your Conversation Dynamic?

Are you engaging with people when interest is not reciprocated? Are you really connected? How do you entertain yourself? What’s interesting to you? Get more conscious in observing and managing your space. And be amused.

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Video > Morning Conversations - Are You Balanced?

What is your ideal point of balance? Can you let go of all the noise and drama of the extremes and migrate to your center?

Try these tricks for greater awareness of where you are on neutrality-number-line.

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