Questions and Answers - Morning Conversations with Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

This Questions and Answer session was a little different to normal - it was recorded LIVE on Facebook, and Roxane and Jim invited questions from viewers.



Heartfelt courage 12th May 2018 4:09 am

Without my age let me tell you what your conversations do for me... They bring me back to a time when I was brought up to know and trust myself as a

Spiritual being. A time when the elders in my family taught me to hold the value of myself and every person on the earth with respect. Were they here

In person their ages would be 120 and over with a richness of spirit more valuable than the dollars of our time today.

Now that I think about it more closely I see that this value is what I LOOK for in everyone I meet. I see past all the incremental "value" of people I meet

and see their emotional selves and what they mean to my life. It is what makes me want to go back to that time and the people I grew up knowing

because today I can't always "know" people in that way. I'm guessing that mastering alchemy will help and your conversations are like pieces of food

leading me to that end. I know that when I lay down and die, no matter how that may be, it will take me back to them. However, I'm not there at this

time and I would just like to live my life "knowing" I have all ...