Virtual Reality - Morning Conversations with Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

Jim and Roxane discuss the pros and cons of VR, and how the soul processes information.



Toni 15th February 2018 7:10 pm

Our physical reality here is a virtual reality from a galactic perspective. The difference is density. Ironic we're looping back to the galactic mind with virtual reality from a physical perspective.

Technological growth & spiritual growth mirror each other at the moment. Both are addictive yet one creates a processing ability outside the body & the other creates it within the body. Present technology is controlled by outside influences & can lead one further from themselves...Spiritual processing triggers inner influences to bring one closer to knowing who we are & why we are here.

One of my sons is a geek & he's ever so excited by this new virtual reality technology. He also set my laptop up with an addblocker app so I don't go pushing any flashing red buttons or getting sucked into someone's sales pitch. Haha...I was always a sucker for a sales pitch til I learnt its usually 10% truth wrapped around 90% bs. Without magazines, newspapers or TV, life is relatively add free. I have my own internal add blocker cos I no longer find mainstream media interesting.


Toni 15th February 2018 7:30 pm

Reading a series at the moment that explores this virtual reality path...a future timeline where the Corporate Business Elite's intentions are to control humanity via nano mind machines they can program to obey. This was after they patented all the food & water & bought up all the national parks by conning the public into bailing out their corporate asses to put every single asset of Earth into their greedy coffers...

Wars are fought with virtual reality in space where combatants have internal mind processors to connect to the virtual reality of a war zone within the solar system.

And I guess there's no story if we don't include a psychopath who considers humanity expendable & a young rebellious hero & his gang of awesome friends who save the's the polarity of light & dark that sells books.

Kinda close to the present psychopathic cabal agenda if you ask me...tho the light is now so bright they can't keep it hidden. Thanks to technology & all the awesome young rebellious hero's...



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