What is Your Zero Point? - Morning Conversations with Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

What is your balance point? Recognize how your awareness affects your opportunities and experiences in life. Learn how starting with YOU can enhance your engagement with the world around you.



Toni 20th November 2018 6:04 pm

Interesting...your belief is that zero point is a persons normal. This reasoning would not necessarily connect one to the pillar of light @ (0,0). One has to also be aligned with earth, sun, galaxy, universe & higher self to connect to the pillar of light that sits within zero point. If the coordinates of one's normal is say (-1.1) we are not synchronized.

I see co-ordinates as values of thought & feeling within a physical field. When one suppresses say an angry or sad, feeling or thought it creates a negative value, then if this suppression is repeated over & over DNA makes this our automatic pattern & these negative coordinates become our new normal.

What is my zero point? a blank canvas or space for us to choose from all the universal possibilities available. Once a thought or feeling is automatic one no longer has this choice unless they once again become conscious of their patterns to unravel the DNA back to zeropoint. Even in death our patterns are held within the Akash. Reminds me of how my computer stores my games.