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Video > Again & Again Extra - How Do I Handle Urgency?

Karen Downing and guest Laure Regan discuss ways to cope with urgency, as well as understanding the dynamic behind this feeling.

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Video > Power of 12 - Meditation for March 2014

Join Karen for a 12 minute meditation to heal local transportation system. She sends out positive vibes to Seattle area buses, roads, ferries, airports and to the DOT in this community meditation. However, anyone can use this meditation for the community where you live.


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Video > Again & Again - Topics on Spiritual Development

This is the February 27, 2014 show on Spiritual Development and topics related to Earth's shift and ascension. With regular guest, Laurie Regan, Karen Downing discusses these topics and answers questions from the live audience. One question was How do we manage other people's anger?

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Video > January 2014 Meditation - Connecting with Nature and Peace Within

Journey to a place of peace and connect with higher guidance in this video meditation.

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Video > Again and Again - Handling Emotions During the Holidays

Join Karen Downing, as she gives tips and pointers on how to handle both your won emotions, as well as the emotions of others during this holiday season.

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Video > Again and Again - Dealing with Anger and Changes

Again & Again is back on air. Karen Downing discusses change and dealing with anger on this week's show.

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