February 2021 Energy Forecast - Your Higher Purpose Revealed

Fabulous February is here!⁠

⁠Can you believe it? 2021 is going to be FAST! Yet action-packed.⁠

It feels like the first day of 2021 was both a year ago and a minute ago. You know what I mean?⁠

As quickly as this year is moving this is a month to slow down and reflect. ⁠

We have our first retrograde of the year! Yes, it's that mischief-maker Mercury. He'll be in his backspin until February 20th. ⁠

February 2021 is a 7 Universal Month. (2 +2+0+2+1 = 7). ⁠

7 is a number that inspires soul-searching.⁠

With five-planets in freedom-seeking Aquarius this month, you'll find yourself asking the BIG QUESTIONS.⁠

I have MUCH MORE to share about this enlightening energy in this February forecast. You'll learn how to avoid Mercury Retrograde's mayhem and make this a marvelous month!