June 2019 Astrology & Numerology Forecast – Shift Into Higher Consciousness

Joyful June is here!

What a month this will be!

June is a month for you to prepare emotionally, spiritually, and mentally for extraordinary changes ahead.

Endings and beginnings abound!

In numerology, June 2019 is an 9 Universal Month. (6 +2+0+1+9 = 18, and 1+8 =9). 9 is a number of culminations, endings and celebration.

When you have the courage to let go of the past, you’ll avail yourself to amazing opportunities.

June’s energy is an opportunity

This month you’ll face many choices that can guide you toward your exciting opportunities. The decisions you make now will have long lasting effects. It’s up to you to choose wisely.

In this forecast, I share with you the three essential steps toward transforming your fate into destiny.