October 2021 Astrology Forecast - Beautifying your Relationships

October Astrology brings a wealth of surprises. Buckle up!

We begin the month with SIX planets in retrograde - plus Chiron (an asteroid known as the wounded healer).

Our main mischief-maker Mercury will be retrograde. He’s in his backspin until October 18th.

The bustling comings and goings in the heavens can lead to unpredictable events. You might feel as if you can’t get a footing. Pursuing your plans can be frustrating if you’re expecting things to go smoothly.

Mercury and the Sun will be in relationship-oriented Libra most of the month, AND this is a 6 Universal Month.

6 in numerology is very much akin to the Sun Sign Libra. It promotes relationship harmony, balance, and beauty.

In this forecast, I share with you how to make clear positive choices, even in the midst of chaos.

Have a truly beautiful month!