September 2017 Astrology & Numerology Forecast - Light Returns

Sweet September is here! This month sweeps in like a breath of fresh air. After the chaos and confusion of last month, order is restored in the Universe! The mayhem of Mercury Retrograde is over, and after the darkness of the eclipses, the light returns.

In numerology, September 2017 is a 1 Universal Month. 1 is always a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. We are twice blessed because 2017 is also a 1 Universal Year!

This double 1 energy is a rebirth and renewal for you. The past few months have been challenging, yet they have given you a much-needed perspective about how to make yourself the number one priority in your life. You are upleveling your self-worth and renewing your sense or purpose. With the perspective of all your lessons learned from the previous months of the year, now it's time to integrate your spiritual lessons and take action toward fulfilling your dreams.

Remember, the 1 teaches you that there is only one of you in the world. You have a unique gift that no one else on the planet can share. In this month's astrology and numerology forecast, I share with you how you can align your energy with your heart's desires, so you can truly live the life your soul intended. Have a magical month!