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Video > Impact the World Podcast Ep. 1: Regina Meredith

Regina Meredith is an award-winning journalist, author, and host of Gaia TV's Open Minds. In this episode, Regina shares her life experiences and strategies with a deep metaphysical understanding and the hidden realities that may be difficult to accept with grace and humor.

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Video > All Things Creative: Lee Harris & Scott Stabile (Live 1 Hour Broadcast)

Watch Lee and Scott Stabile's uplifting live broadcast about what it means to be a creator in today’s world. This 1-hour in-depth fireside chat covers how living a creative life can effect powerful, positive change in yourself and the world around you.

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Video > Exploring the Energy Update Themes of January 2020 (Animation)

I am happy to share an animated version of this month's Energy Update from our South African artist in residence, Sketching Scrum Master.

Hope you enjoy!

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Video > January 2020 Energy Update

Certainly, in terms of spiritual, energetic, astrological terms, the 2020 to 2030 decade is going to be a huge one. So it adds some weight to the ‘review’ energy that many of us will be feeling.

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Video > 2020: The Energy Forecast (1-Hour Live Broadcast From Lee Harris)

On December 12th, Lee Harris delivered his annual Energy Forecast discussing new energetics for the year ahead. Themes discussed in the 2020 Energy Forecast include: Clarity, Collaboration, Grounding, Creativity & Heart Healing.

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Video > Exploring the December 2019 Energy Update Theme (Animation)

Our artist friend Talia is back with her latest animated interpretation of the Energy Update for December 2019. Hope you enjoy her expression of the various themes brought through by Lee.

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Video > December 2019 Energy Update

You might start to feel like you’ve been pulled into the center of your life and you can’t feel gravity or the ground anymore. You may feel like you're in a place that feels a little hollow or a little foreign to you.

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Video > Courage Needs Fear (How I Became Intuitive)

In this clip from his acclaimed Intuitive Power workshop, Lee explains how courage and fear are intertwined and illustrates that dynamic with a personal story of offering his first intuitive readings to the public.

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Video > Journey into Your Heart (Behind the Scenes with Lee)

Lee recently joined forces with Grammy-winning producer/composer BarryGoldstein to create an expansive channeled teaching and sound activation - Journey into Your Heart.

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Video > Visualizing the November 2019 Energy Update Themes (Animation)

Our artist friend, Sketching Scrum Master, has again created a fabulous animated version of this month's Energy Update.

We love it and we hope this unique perspective helps you integrate the message for this month!

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