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Video > March 2019 Energy Update

For most people, MOMENTUM is going to take the form of positive, forward momentum around things that you are currently building and wanting to create in your life.

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Video > The Co-creativity of Life: Manifesting & Visioning

In this teaching from Lee's Rebirth 2019 program, he explains the importance of co-creativity when manifesting and visioning the year ahead.

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Video > February 2019 Energy Update

ABUNDANCE is going to be under the microscope for many people in February. The tussle between being appreciative for what you've got, and equally knowing when you need to reach for or create more for yourself.

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Video > Your Voice and Fear (Rebirth 2019)

In this teaching from Rebirth2019 Lee describes the process of how our voices can be shut down by our experiences both as children and adults. He also outlines how becoming a "peacemaker" can sometimes be because we are uncomfortable with people's reactions to us.

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Video > Energy Update January 2019

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Hi everyone!

2019 is going to be a Year of Beginnings.

2012-2019, was a 7 year cycle of clearing energetically.

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Video > 2019: Year of Beginnings (LIVE 1-Hour Broadcast)

Happy Holidays! We hope you'll enjoy this full replay of Lee's special broadcast 2019: Year of Beginnings where he forecasts the year ahead and provides you with tools and information to help navigate 2019 with power, confidence and grace.

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Video > The End of People Pleasing

In this 2018 Energy Highlight, Lee explains the importance of giving up People Pleasing as an Empath, how filling your own cup first allows you to give more to others and how to move past the fear of discomfort when saying no to others.

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Video > Energy Update December 2018

2018 has been a big year and as we move into this final month there is a strong energy of levelling up, particularly those of you who identify as lightworkers, changemakers or wayshowers, that will be actively pushing you into elevation.

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Video > How to Direct Energy in Your Life (Live Energy Tune-Up)

In this LIVE Energy Tune-Up reading Lee addresses the contraction that occurs before expansion that so many of us are experiencing right now, along with how to direct your energy in your life.

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Video > Energy Update November 2018

Many of us are going through a period of deep review around our lives, our choices, our relationships, the things that we are doing in the world. This process will continue strongly in November, and you may experience daydreams and flashbacks to other times, other relationships, other places in your life.

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