April 2014 Energy Forecast -The Strength of April is found within

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spiritdiver 7th April 2014 10:28 am

Thank you Ed!

So right on...our "traditional" sense of security is continuing to fall away and for many, is projecting in fear. And without making a sweeping comment, those that have lived through oppression/fear while reaching deeper in, will more quickly adapt to this security change, while others are just starting to grip...yet, can als change in a moment!

I have been working through this call to change on the physical, emotional plane almost 4 years now. On an inner level it feels I am working towards harnessing this energy. Yet on the outer level, as I move out in my life, as you mention I am noticing working this fear energy with others. Staying balanced in own empowerment is necessary and there comes heart healing in wholeness, which is key in this process.

One comment of emphasis, beyond gaining our true sense of security and building strength from within, is of course there is an even greater purpose to our working gift/skill. As such I am staying open and aware in heart, in vision for clues to what this contribution and message means for me.

In Appreciation,


spiritdiver 7th April 2014 10:32 am

I am sorry, please excuse, I meant Lee! Not sure where Ed came from...

Blessing to you-


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