August 2022 Energy Update

The August Energy Update is here! Just a few of the themes in this month's update are:

- The August Energy Fog
- Anger as a Boundary
- Stabilization as the Key to Creation
- and lastly, To Rest or To Transform

What phase of the consciousness shift are you in right now? Watch the full Energy Update for details on these and several other themes that will be showing up in August.

Big love,

(Timestamps included for your easy reference in revisiting individual themes)

THE AUGUST ENERGY FOG - A thickness energy that is designed to slow down transformation and give you pause OR will serve to drive you to clarity and higher awareness. (01:00)

TO REST OR TO TRANSFORM? We are all riding either the highs or the lows of the consciousness shift right now. Choose to either REST IN YOUR NOW or TRANSFORM INTO THE NEW (and know when you need to rest from transformation.) (02:39)

TOGETHERNESS ENERGY IS NEEDED - Can we recognize the togetherness in our differences - be aware of nuances and honor the differences with those you love and connect with. (06:22)

STABILIZATION IS KEY TO CREATION in these energies - What can you do to stabilize and support YOUR new normal? Small, conscious actions. (11:02)

ALLOWING CHANGE AT AN ALL NEW LEVEL OF ACCEPTANCE - Many among you will be experiencing and allowing a flood of change through you - a shift in consciousness AND your experiences is the result. (13:10)

SECOND GUESSING YOUR CHOICES - Wondering about choices and second guessing yourself = ties with the past AND birthing new ways. (17:01)

ANGER AS A BOUNDARY - with people and the world at large - heart opening and heart rebirth lies on the other side. (19:32)

AUGUST LIGHT COMING IN STRONG (AND CAUSING FRICTION AT TIMES) - Light in August coming in strong (with a vibrational ‘battle’ energy to it at times too.) (23:01)

WILL WE LISTEN TO NATURE? Nature wants us to change and shift - will we listen and will we respond? It will speak louder if we don’t. (25:08)




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Lee Harris

Lee Harris

Lee is a healer and energy teacher who, since 2004, has combined his gifts as a channeler, psychic and emotional intuitive to empower people to breakthrough their limitations and awaken to their greater selves. Lee's work is about seeing, feeling and working with the energy and consciousness present in everything, while grounding and balancing your developing sensitivity.


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