December 2021 Energy Update

Hi everyone,

The December Energy Update has arrived! Many themes came through this month. A few that will be coming up are:

A Rising Fire Energy that will show up in us as a people, and in our world.

A Deep Remembering of Our Ancient Power, what that means, what that will look like.

Breaks and Cutting Ties and Sharp Turns or Sharp Endings showing up in many people's personal lives and last, but not least,

The Gifts of Magic and Magic of the Heart coming online in a bigger way.

Many more themes we'll talk about, so watch the full Energy Update for all the details. Have a wonderful month and remember to look after yourselves, this and every month.

Big love,





Barbs2 2nd December 2021 4:52 pm

I never seem to be able to see the "link below" but hopefully I will receive the forecast for 2022...thanks for all your help this year...B

gillian 10th December 2021 5:05 am

Thank you for the December energy report. Please email me your link for the December 22nd forecast for 2022 as I could not find it 'below';


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