Impact the World: AMA with Lee Harris

Lee answers your questions for the entire show! Ten questions with insightful and powerful answers that cover a range of topics.


00:56 - How to manage self-doubt in your work

04:36 - Understanding and working with insight, intuition, and channeling.

09:08 - Growth edges and Lee's relationship with Steven.

11:42 - Ways to manage fear and responsibility as a healer.

18:48 - Finding truth with our own beliefs around dark energy.

23:03 - How to balance inner work with outer professional work.

25:56 - Tools and ways to help manage negative energy from a significant other.

31:17 - Finding authenticity in the commercialization of storytelling in business.

35:02 - How to embrace cultural identity and being human.

39:00 - Why it's important to ground and check in with a deep desire and vision.




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Author Information

Lee Harris

Lee Harris

Lee is a healer and energy teacher who, since 2004, has combined his gifts as a channeler, psychic and emotional intuitive to empower people to breakthrough their limitations and awaken to their greater selves. Lee's work is about seeing, feeling and working with the energy and consciousness present in everything, while grounding and balancing your developing sensitivity.


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