July 2020 Energy Update Sketch

Revisit the themes of the July #EnergyUpdate from Lee in this sketch done by Talia Lancaster.

- Tiredness/Exhaustion (tired mind, body + energy)

- We are in a POWER, FREEDOM + CONTROL triangle fight right now

- NEW Purpose coming online - that will look like taking more action on the internal rearranging of the last few months. 2nd half of month action will be especially supported. And will flow.

- Dark then light energy spikes - in quick succession

- Fiery strong energy from second half of July

- SAFETY triggers - “The System/the planet/my body isn’t safe.” The UNEARTHING of everything grounded allows for multidimensional awareness and connection to rise

- The UNEARTHING of everything in the shadows allows healing to occur (RACIAL INJUSTICE, one example)

- Healing can be painful - look after yourselves and be patient with others and mindful of stresses and imbalances right now

- Messy uncomfortable world re-birth for the next few years

- That doesn’t have to look a certain way for you - harness your skills, your intentions, your learnings and your HEART energy.

To find more of Talia's work, you'll find her across all socials @SketchingScrumMaster.




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