Mid-March 2020 Energy Update: Coronavirus

Full details are featured in the video, but here are some headlines:  

Being Brought into Presence (Through Shock and Disruption of Our Patterns)

When the patterns disappear, we tend to feel naked, vulnerable, and open.  

This can feel good (moments of openness, bliss, clarity, freedom) and scary (disorientation, purposelessness, feeling lost, anxious, hopeless). DROPPING THE PATTERNS, even for a short while, leads to new growth and new ways of being which emerge. So this is happening for the world at large and also for us as individuals. Shock = tired, wired, disorientated, confused

Social Reactions and Fears/Trauma

Let reactions be complicated and personal. People react at their level of consciousness and fear AND SO WILL WE.

Be Very Mindful (Not Mindless)

Be mindful of your exposure to negativity, fear, and the news feed. Also, be mindful of your choices around the good you choose to connect to - find things, activities, and moments that light you up. In short, be mindful of your choices around EVERYTHING.

The Energy in Coming Weeks Will Be One of the Widest Energy Ranges We Have Seen in Several Years.

It will bring a wide range of emotions as there will be a strong dance between the experiences of fear (the low) and heightened intuition and clarity (3D ‘Survival’ Realm and Higher Realms). 

Some will mostly stay at one end of the scale, meaning if you are at the fear end, this is a purge. If you are mostly in the higher realms, this is a major awakening and activation moment for you. Some of you will dance around in all the energies, experiencing a little of both.

This Is a Major ‘Awakening’ Activation

Many of you will feel like you are being ENERGETICALLY brought down into your body (3D realm) or elevated into a wider awareness (higher realms). It will depend on what you NEED to balance in your life.

The blinders are coming off for the world. Think of it as reverse axis taking place, so people are being very suddenly invited into the opposite directions to the realms they normally live in.  

PERSONAL DYNAMICS WILL SHIFT - Relationships will be under the microscope partly due to the stronger presence of fear and love and partly due to more forced time to ‘be’ with your close people

A Good Question to Ask Is ‘Who Needs My Help?’

Especially if they are alone or living alone. Who can I send a message to or reach out to in some way? Who may need help with resources I can give? And, at times, the answer to that question will be YOU who needs the help, the peace, and the ‘reset’ moment.  

LOVE AS A SUPERPOWER - Your experiences of love will be more viscerally felt than ever and for many of us, our sense of gratitude for life will increase.

This is the change and the time that has been forecast for a very long time - NOW IS THE TIME TO USE YOUR TOOLS.

Worldwide Phenomenon

Connecting more of us than before and showing us how we ARE all connected. It will have lasting effects on our world once this is over. IT WILL ALSO DISRUPT THE ‘DIVISION’ ENERGY THAT HAS BEEN GENERATED STRONGLY OVER THIS PAST FEW YEARS.

A GREAT REVEAL WILL COME FROM THIS + A GREAT CHANGE. It will take time to play out but 9-12 months from this experience many new pathways will be forged and it will greatly shift the energy on the planet and allow more light to appear.




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Lee Harris

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