November 2021 Energy Update

Hi everyone,

The November Energy Update is here!

A couple of the themes for this month are:

The rising energy is now in full force. Are you going to go with it? Are you going to use it to take yourself up to the next level of life for you?

Dropping all baggage and fast healing, you'll notice how quick everything is moving, including changing relationships and changing you, changing self.

Truths surfacing that will change narratives from the past year or so.

And last but not least, your soul is speaking to you at a higher level than before. Are you listening?

Watch the full update for all of this and more.

Remember to look after yourselves, this and every month.

Big love,






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Lee Harris

Lee Harris

Lee is a healer and energy teacher who, since 2004, has combined his gifts as a channeler, psychic and emotional intuitive to empower people to breakthrough their limitations and awaken to their greater selves. Lee's work is about seeing, feeling and working with the energy and consciousness present in everything, while grounding and balancing your developing sensitivity.


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