October 2020 Energy Update Sketch

Each month our artist-in-residence Talia Lancaster provides us with a visual sketch of the themes conveyed in the most recent Energy Update.


-Weird becoming the new normal - Paranormal and Supernatural experiences and the seemingly absurd will be appearing in bigger ways through October for many.

-SPEAK your truth - Very important. Speak it NOT to battle or to stamp on someone else’s truth, but instead to offer your perspective or experience when you feel the call to. This will help to dilute the division frequencies which are based in ‘wrong and right’. VERY important to add some middle notes to the currently polarized orchestra.

-Earthquake Energy - rattling what’s on the ground in your life and causing fast rearrangement.

-For many who are awake, Manifestation has become a new normal ‘superpower’ when it comes to quickly rearranging your life. This affects EVERYONE as it will catch on more and more in the collective. Acknowledge and share your experiences around this with others where appropriate.

-Heart-quake Energy - Heart Expansions arising through struggle, challenge and shock. If this isn’t you, you may be experiencing greater heart compassion and taking heart based actions for those in such situations.

-Power + Defense of Power - This theme is ‘up’ in the world right now, so be mindful and aware of it, as it is creating a defensive energy. Defensive energy can trigger anger, fight and avoidance. It’s a sticky and seductive energy so ask yourself, “Is this truly my battle to wade into - or did I just get swept up in the chemical reaction?"

-The Psychic highways will see a lot of chaos in October - timelines are changing fast and the chaos on the ground will be affecting the psychic highways, so choose your information wisely and update it regularly. If basing your actions on psychic information, triple check before making a move and TRUST your gut.

-The Body is our strength right now - don’t buy into the fear energy around our bodies, and recognize the innate wisdom and power your body can hold for you, so ‘How are you serving it right now? What does it need?’

-Ground yourself regularly, to benefit your now and also to be ready for November and December - they will be big months on the planet - so developing grounded practices now, however simple, will be very beneficial for your balance in the months to come.

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Lee Harris

Lee Harris

Lee is a healer and energy teacher who, since 2004, has combined his gifts as a channeler, psychic and emotional intuitive to empower people to breakthrough their limitations and awaken to their greater selves. Lee's work is about seeing, feeling and working with the energy and consciousness present in everything, while grounding and balancing your developing sensitivity.


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