What is an Empath? With Lee Harris

Are you an empath? In this LeeOnLife episode, Lee describes the traits and mindset of highly sensitive people.



Johnnyb1 22nd May 2018 2:33 pm

Dear Lee,
Spot on and thank you for your work. It took me until later in adult life to figure out my empathic nature. I discovered that I am an ultra-sensitive, hyper-empath who can feel INTO everything. My early life was filled with others picking on me, hurting me, not appreciating me and not understanding me while I simply continued to be sensitive toward them. I experienced great lack of self-worth for many years. Thankfully, I was strong enough to finally come into my power. I married an empathic wife and had an empathic son. Assisting other empaths to understand, accept and love themselves is, I believe, key to our new Earth.
All the best to you,
John Bernstein

Ros3mary 23rd May 2018 1:29 pm

Youre great! Thank you again! :-*