Beacon of Light January 2011 - New Body Electrics

New Body Electrics - A Physical Evolution

I went into this channel with very little direction as to what this was to be. I know we would most likely talk about the physical body changes and much of that has been up for me lately. I have been having strange problems, like killing batteries in remote controls, many human interfaces do not seem to work for me, especially electrical ones. For a person in the Audio Video world this is very challenging. Sometimes the computer works and sometimes it does not, and forget about touchpads! 

When the group started this channel I had no idea that it would mean so much to me personally. They led you through several days of my life that were very confusing. This channel explained and tied together several of the groups more important messages for all of us and for me personally they explained what I have been experiencing in my own world. There were two different points during the channel that they had to calm me down as I was getting so excited at the revelations I was seeing. I will explain it more in detail at the next VirtualLight Broadcast but these odd electrical events in my life seem to have rhyme and reason after all 

I believe that the information contained in this single message will be cornerstone information that we become important to all of us in the near future.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. We consider you family and appreciate the opportunity to greet you in this way.



A La Lansun 29th December 2010 6:00 pm

Thank ou. I was having problems posting new info on my website and other frustrating computer problems. As usual, they are right on!

Visit me.

Love and Light to them always.
A La Lansun

rnagle 29th December 2010 8:01 pm

Thanks Steve and Barbara for these messages from the Group.
Before the 10 10 10 conference in Scottsdale, I was shifting tremendously emotionally as, due to my astrology chart, I am primarily a water energy and of course, work as a lightworker professionally. At the 10 10 10 I was told I would meet a male soul mate there who would be a more, compatible energy and I made myself meet... However, it did not happen. My Guides said it was someone who worked for Lightworker but, they were busy working and would eventually contact me. I am Renae from Chicago, I attended the initial 44 family of Michael in Mexico with the Crystal skulls, and I was filmed at the 10 10 10, while I sat on the right side in the last row at this gathering. Can you tell me if this information is correct and will this person contact me. I am grateful I had the chance to participate at 10 10 10, and please feel free to email me at with a response if you can. Thank you Steve and Barbara and have a Peaceful Holiday. Renae


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