June 2014 - Predictions, Comments and Questions

June 2014 - Predictions, Comments and Questions by Steve Rother and The group




Piroska 14th June 2014 8:15 am

Dear Barbara and Steve,
I just watched your video June 2014 and the suggestion of a coming Ice age does not resonate with my Inner Knowing/Truth.
Surething that Earth is changing and we...with her...and She too is transmuting Her Karma as we do...each one individually, ours...
transmuting back to our Original State...as IS MENT for US....So Earth gets back her Original State....Garden of Eden State...where the lion and the lamb.....She completes her Cycle.....No other Ice age needed...that's done with...and that's the Newness too...what Is happening...Now...what nowhere ever happened before.....
Even the ones who choose to stay in 3D dimension...do not need to go to the extemes we did, we finished that for them too.
You so strongly adviced us in your video to channel from our inside out...that's what I am doing here, I am channeling Myself...transmuting the doubt...of to do it or not...
In Love's Embrace with you ...

Jilly 15th June 2014 7:05 am

Me too Piroska :)

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