Power to People

The Beacons of Light for October 2008 is: "Power to the People"

 From Steve:  knew a week or so ahead of time that this message was coming. I really resisted it as I have a strong aversion to putting out a negative message like the one you are about to watch. I have a tendency to shut out fear based messages of any kind in my own life. I personally believe that we as humans have been played the fear card way too many times. It turns out that Fear is good business. That becomes evident when you cant remember the password to your password program. I would like to think that we are catching on here, but humanity has surprised me before like when Bush was reelected.

Sorry, we wont get into politics here, and the group did not tell us who to vote for. They did however give some very great examples how to vote and what to find in your own heart. They gave us the sad data that thus far 90% of our leaders on this planet have been elected out of fear. They also gave us the prediction that the economy in the US is about to fall. It is a fall that will be felt all over the world. They mentioned 6 to 8 years and even likened it to the fall of Rome. The said the air needs to completely come out of the balloon and then it can rebuild on solid ground. They thought it humorous that the president was going to write a check and solve the problem. Even as they spoke this fear based message they quickly reminded us that we can change this course at any time and they gave us some ways to do so.

The group brought up one of their core issues. The Universal Energy has a motion of pulling things back together. They said that actions that oppose this motion and separate will find more resistance while actions that are in harmony with the unifying principle will be supported. The time of separation is over. They were talking about actions of organizations, corporations and governments. Actions that reflect this unifying principle in business and governments will determine how well these businesses and governments adapt to the higher vibrations of the new planet earth. In plain words they suggested that we elect people who will stop segregating and restricting the flow of energy.

The group also gave us a new model for elected officials. They said it would be like the day of Lemuria when we did not have laws but instead had customs. These leaders were elected to serve the people and take care of the infrastructure, take out the trash, pave the roads etc. The truth is that for us to change the direction our economy is heading it will be necessary for us to take back our own power instead of giving it to a leader who wants to protect us from our own fears. With this power comes a level of responsibility that few will choose to take. After all it is easier to give our power to the leaders. Yet those who do will open many doors for the others as that is the way of the empowered human.

Have a wonderful month.




nardine 1st October 2008 9:51 am

My love and appreciation

to Steve, Barbara and The Group.

A magical, unifying, empowering message for humankind!

Paul Lukowiak 1st October 2008 1:23 pm

The first time I heard the expression "Power to the People" was during the late 60's and early 70's when the whole huge baby boom generation was coming of age. Corporations and businesses and politicians did not understand this unity and love for all humanity and all of the environment. Their attempts to make money off of it failed initially because it was an energy from the heart, and the heart can never be bought and sold, it can only be shared. Little by little, the fear mongering and separation energies crept in and the corporate military industrial complex grew in power instead of lessened. This power came from the people who gave it up willingly, so much so that people hardly even cook their own meals anymore; you can buy frozen breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks. The first words of our basic government document read "We the people". Nothing has changed other than a shift of your power from you to the corporate structure. Now that power is shifting back to you. Accept it in joy and love and have fun with it. Do not give it away in fear, share it with everyone with love.

aba 3rd October 2008 2:45 am

Great message!
And if you are ready to take back your power and need inspiration or contact with like-minded people,
check out the Campaign for Liberty at http://www.campaignforliberty.com


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