The Days of Atlantis are Back - Doing it Differently

The Beacons of Light for March 2009 is: "The Days of Atlantis are Back - Doing it Differently"

This months message from the group is about an event that will take place on July 21 & 22 2009. They have talked over many years about the relationship between technology and the collective human vibration. The short version is that technology is a direct reflection of our collective human vibration and that as the collective vibration rises, higher technologies can take hold on Earth. Many times in our history higher technologies have been planted that have not taken hold. For instance they said that when humans discovered semi-conductors, the heart of why a computer works, was actually a seed that was intentionally planted many years prior. Then after Hitler left the planet, signaling new possibilities, many jumped in from the days of Atlantis. As those children grew they hit an awakening point where the collective vibration of humanity jumped. It was the 1960's and 1970's. Because of this vibrational jump the semi-conductor took hold and quickly evolved into the many computer based devices that we now rely upon everyday.

Over the two days of July 21 & 22nd a window will open and higher technologies will once again drop into our world. A new seed is being planted and it's a big one. If the human collective vibration reaches a level during these two days where it can support these new technologies they will take hold and immediately and show up as "new inventions" in the near future. If the collective is not yet high enough, some will get very close, yet these technologies will not work consistently, similar to what happened with cold fusion thus far.

They gave two specifics to watch for, although the possibilities are endless. One point they mentioned was that most of us can remember life before computers and cell phones, etc. They said the technologies that lie directly in front of us would amount to a change twelve times larger than the previous shift with the advent of the computer. They also said that these technologies can help us to stop polluting the Earth and help her to balance. The example they gave was the teleportation of live biological material. (The Star Trek transporter) This could eliminate carbon emissions from cars almost overnight. They said it is actually very close since it has been in our collective consciousness for many years. If the collective vibration is high enough on these dates these new technologies can take hold and grow into reality right from the start.

They also brought up one other important point. They said that this time things were different and that none of us would evolve until all of us evolved. They even said that the lowest vibration of human on Earth will decide how fast all humans evolve. For more, see last months message "2009 the End of Separation". With this in mind our tasks as Lightworkers becomes a little clearer.
Compassion to those around us in all vibrational levels can be critical especially right now. I'll bet most of you never thought that being kind and compassionate to your annoying neighbor could make the Earth greener.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges




Marta From Brazil 8th March 2009 2:03 pm

Just in case...Thank YOU! Espavo!
Greetings from Brazil to all!


averysplumrosebedandbreakfast 12th March 2009 7:23 pm

Wonderful!! I was in tears from being so touched! Now I feel a renewed passion for this journey!

Clara 19th March 2009 9:18 am

Olá Marta
Sou Brasileira, mas vivo em Portugal. Entrei hoje no forum, e estou me situando ainda. Numa destas curvas que o google faz, quando realizamos uma busca, jogou-me aqui. Vou explorar o forum com calma. Bom saber que o Brasil também está aqui.
um abraço

Luiz 20th March 2009 1:20 pm

Teleportation technology described by Steve in use in Neptune

Printed in Mexico in 1951, Raising the Curtain, by Rodolfo Benavides, describes life in Neptune, a planet a step more evolved than Earth. The ground vehicles, used for short distances, run on electricity for they know 2 letters more about electricity than the ABC's known on Earth. Small aircraft (spherical machines with tiny wings) are used for slightly longer journeys.

As for long-distance travel, they use the electro-magno. After travelers are seated on the waiting room of their destination, the sliding door closes and reopens a short moment later at their destination. Just like going from New York to Tokyo in a few minutes. Mediumistic phenomenon known on earth as movement of matter is commonly used in Neputune. Achieved by purely physical means, it provides them with a magnetic force that has the power to increase the space between one molecule and another as well as of its components. Any object acted upon extends to the point of becoming fluid, invisible, and easily transportable by controlled electrical waves without losing any of its characteristics...
Isn't it amazing that it's coming to Earth?

Marta From Brazil 4th April 2009 4:52 pm

Ola, hi Clara! Atma Namaste! :)

Vi sua mensagem somente agora! I just saw your message now!
Como vai voce? How are you?
Esta tudo bem contigo? Is everything fine with you?

Com Amor,with Love,
Marta :)

netdragon 27th April 2009 11:53 pm

Fusion... And how about the return of "cold fusion" (low energy nuclear reactions):

CBS News: Cold Fusion is Hot Again and ABC: Cold Fusion: Still Cold or Is There New Promise?

Fleischmann/Pons of Utah back in 1989 made mistakes of having a press conference prior to having their work peer-reviewed. As a result, mainly because they didn't understand the phenomena and didn't properly describe their experimental method, and due to some politics, others were quick to announce that they couldn't reproduce results.

However, other groups continued to experiment and by the late 90s it was clear there was anomalous heat made.

The potential impact of LENR, like laser-based fusion, could be ample clean energy for all!

Also, consider the energy source needed for the teleportation devices described. Perhaps fusion will come around just at the right time. Aside from interdimensional energy, an uknown, fusion's the best known energy source


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