Lorna Byrne - Glimpses of Heaven & Near Death Experiences

"I know that I, and others have all been given near death experiences so as we can share our experience and make people understand that death is not to be feared and that Heaven is real."

Irish Mystic Lorna Byrne has been seeing angels since she was a baby. Very unusually she sees them physically as you or I would see someone in front of us. It took her many, many years before she felt comfortable talking about them, which has resulted in two international bestselling books including her memoir Angels in my Hair. Now an international phenomenon she has more than a million readers worldwide and speaks to sold out crowds of different faiths and none inspiring them with her messages of hope. See more www.lornabyrne.com



kay 25th September 2013 2:58 pm

How beautiful that was. Thank you, Lorna.