The Vibe Report for December 12, 2012: Stillness

The Vibe Report for December 12, 2012 with Nancy Leilah Ward.



kay 13th December 2012 12:13 pm

I just love your videos, Nancy. So peaceful and reassuring. Thank you.

Marvil 13th December 2012 9:01 pm

Thank You!
This was one calming dose for me, very refreshing also. I've been sitting in this "place" where nothing happens for quite some time now. It's so weird but at the same time funny how mind tries to justify it's being. It is a wonderful tool, but often it's output frequency is modulated by ego not by heart. Thanks to people like Nancy who tell us that this is very OK when nothing seemingly happens and if you feel like unstoppable urge to do something, better sit and listen... After all we are Human Beings, not Human Doings :) One custom which i really love, i heard from russian people. They say:"Let's sit down before we go." And then they sit silently for a minute or so. Could happen that stillness speaks and you suddenly say something from your heart... or just remember that you have to renew your car insurance :)
Now i start using picture a viewing gadget and prepare some good sayings in mspaint:
"Take three deep breaths"
"What else is great in my life?"
"I feel Love of God in me."
"I Am that, I Am" (you decide how to move comma)

Many blessings to you all!


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