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Video > The Evolution Of Awareness: A Conversation With Neale Donald Walsch

A moving dialogue on topics including Neale Donald Walsch's personal story, his creative process, the challenge of staying spiritually awake in daily living, and more.

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Video > Shifting Your Reality

Neale Donald Walsch talks about shifting reality. The reality you are living is the reality you are choosing. If it's not to your liking, choose again.

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Video > Evolution of a New Species: How To Use Your Birth Power - Neale Donald Walsh & Barbara M. Hubbard

An incredible and truly inspiring interview with Neale Donald Walsch and Barbara Marx Hubbub on the evolution of humanity and how we can use our birth powers and our divinity. A great video for these incredible times!

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Video > Darkness Into Light

Join Neale in a discussion about turning the darkness of our lives into light.

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Video > A Story Of The Master (Preview)

A Conversation with Neale about A Story of The Master (Preview of a longer video in the Donate Center)

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