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Video > October 2007 Seg 6 - Message from a Pregnant Planet

People of Earth
Message from a Pregnant Planet

From Barbara:
Connecting the Heart within the timeline.

From the group:
The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home message for October 2007.
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Video > Virtual Light Prediction for 2010 Part 5 of 6

Steve and the group gave predictions and answered questions about the future from the audience and call-ins from several countries.

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Video > The True Master

In this video, Leonard speaks about the true master that is within each one of us, waiting to be revealed as we free ourselves from the illusory world of the mind and become more fully present.

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Video > Intelligent Life, Seeding DNA and The Nine at Play

Questions on Intelligent life forms, seeding DNA and the how the Consciousness of Nine spend their time - from subscribers, responded to by the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie.

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Video > Questions for Jim - How Can You Be Happy When Your Life Sucks?

Jim Self answers the question: "How Can You Be Happy When Your Life Sucks?"

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Video > A glimpse of True Love

Many thanks to our lovely friend Moonlight Shadow that recently joined us and shared this creation! It is a beautiful video about True Love.


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Video > The Power of Moving Stuff

Ever found yourself getting upset because someone moved your stuff? You think you're being ridiculous, but just can't help feeling affronted. This film is for you :)

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Video > Planetary Healing

Mass Meditation Guidelines
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Video > May 2013 Part 2: Disconnection prior to the New Connection

This is the video version of the written Monthly Visions found here.


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