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Video > I think, therefore I am... Or am I? (The Ultimate Paradox)

One moves into a multidimensional awareness in order to fully understand and embrace this concept. Through your striving to perceive this multidimensional perspective, through your yearning to embrace this paradox, you create expansion of mind.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Images c/o Stock.Xchng, music c/o Kevin Macleod, video arranged by Catzmagick.

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Video > How To Be Your Authentic Self

Does it drive you bonkers when people lie? In this video you can learn how to spot when people lie and how to be your authentic self.

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Video > Transition - May into June 2009

As your month of May comes to a close, many of you who are feeling the planetary and cosmic energies will look back, analyse and integrate the energy of May that has been passed through.
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Video > Summer Solstice Stargates

The White Winged Collective consciousness of Nine speak, through Magenta Pixie of the Stargates and portals currently available on Earth now - Summer Solstice 2010.

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Video > Gateway to the Golden Age

There are many Gateways that you shall pass through collectively as you move forward, towards this Golden Age. Yet another gateway shall be unlocked on the 11th November 2009 and it is you Wayshowers, lightworkers and activated & aware ones that hold the keys to this gateway.

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Video > The Little Gods

Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home November 2009
This message is one of the most profound and loving I have ever had the privilege to translate from the group. The message was very beautiful and covered many important points especially in the story they told about the little gods. There were so many levels in this message it would detract to focus only on one, yet this is where I try to tell you what this channel is about.

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Video > Experiencing Gaia

Pepper Lewis talks about experiencing Gaia in our lives.

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Video > Manifesting Abundance and Living Your Bliss

I'm just not happy with my current situation. I have enough money to get by and an adequate house for my needs but what I have been asking for and concentrating on is to bring abundance into my life. It's just not happening, what am I doing wrong? This question is responded to by the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine, through Magenta Pixie.
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Video > July 2012 Light Language Transmission with Jamye Price

For more info: Details about the July Energies can be found here.

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Video > Journeys of Love & Friendship

Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself ." ~Kahlil Gibran~

When we open ourselves
to the heart of a friend or lover,
we trust that we are cherished,
loved unconditionally.


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