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Video > Warriors of the Rainbow

This video is an updated version of the original video. It is a story and legend from the Native Americans about the Tribe of People that will rise to save the Earth

Music: Enigma, Gravity of Love
Text: Freely adapted from Cree and Hopi prophecy, excerpts from Standing Bear Speaks
Graphics: digi_art Fantasy
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Video > Questions for Jim - Why is The Shift Occurring, Now?

Jim Self is interviewed by Doreen Agostino on why the shift is occurring right now.

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Video > Light Body Development and DNA 1/2

Each plane of existence has a body that is connected to it. One of the super keys to accelerating evolution is to anchor, activate and actualize these bodies into your existing four-body system. One way to effectively connect all those bodies is the development of your light Body through the re-coding of your own DNA...
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Video > Questions for Jim Self - Maintaining Balance

Jim Self answers the question on how to keep the balance during difficult times and shifts, and how to be able to help others do the same.

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Video > August 2013 - Light Language Activation with Jamye Price

August  2013 - Light Language Activation with Jamye Price 

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Video > If We Believe

"Love is the answer... it's a matter of if we believe" ... words that ring through the chorus and speak to our hearts. This song is the anthem our soul sings, even when we are not listening...

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Video > Healing the Hearts of Humanity

Humanity Healing Network invites you to embrace a revolutionary concept: The Integrity of Human Nature Together, by valuing the Integrity of our fellow man We can renew the Human Species.
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Video > Love Heals I: Lunar Ecstasy

This video is freely adapted from the poetry of Manuel Bandeira. The poems in their entirety are below.

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Video > Vlog - Power of Play

What is play? What is the purpose of play? Why is it important? It's one of the most important things we can do!


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