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Video > October 2007 Seg 6 - Message from a Pregnant Planet

People of Earth
Message from a Pregnant Planet

From Barbara:
Connecting the Heart within the timeline.

From the group:
The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home message for October 2007.
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Video > VIrtualLight- October 2007 Seg 5

2 minute readings from group through Steve. People seeing themselves from a higher perspective.
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Video > VIrtualLight- October 2007 Seg 4

Janelle, Steve and Barbara return with some final words from Jean Adrienne and Stephen Lewis. There were some very interesting similarities and validations.
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Video > VIrtualLight- October 2007 Seg 3

Janelle shines light on Jean Adrienne Author, Radio Show Host, Healer and Creator of InnerSpeak
Innerspeak is a method for clearing past life and ancestral karmic debt and removing the blocks that hold us back from being all that we can be. Interesting parallels between Jeans work and the previous guest Stephen Lewis.
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Video > VIrtualLight- October 2007 Seg 2

Janelle interviews Stephen Lewis, author of the book "Sanctuary" and co founder of emc2. Stephen tells a facinating story about how his work began and developed.
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Video > VIrtualLight- October 2007 Seg 1

Steve talks about his vision of the 1st Human Angel Conference in Amsterdam Holland 080808.
Charmaines Corner In Search of Truth. and Janee's book review of The Fifth Harmonic by F. Paul Wilson
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Video > The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

Abundance and riches on all subjects - including health, happiness and wealth - are your rightful heritage!

To claim your wealth using The Secret, The Secret Team has created a powerful visualization tool to help you attract riches into your life.
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Video > Think Abundance Now

Is it possible to change your current financial situation simply by changing your mind?

This 5-minute film offers an extraordinary perspective on abundance and prosperity.

Have a look, but be forewarned...

...watching this movie could change your outlook, and quite possibly, your circumstances.
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Video > Angels

Angels, answer me,
are you near if rain should fall?
Am I to believe
you will rise to calm the storm?
For so great a treasure words will never do.
Surely, if this is, promises are mine to give you.
mine to give...
Here, all too soon the day!
Wish the moon to fall and alter tomorrow.
I should know


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