"Language of Light" 528 Hz Love & Miracle Sound Transmissions - Divine Blueprint Activation

In the "Language of Light " The Language of PEACE

By: *Shekina Rose, Angelic Messenger of Mother Goddess SHEKINAH & Channel of the Blue Ray who sings in the 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair}

*What is so unique about Shekina's transmissions is she is a direct voice channel for Mother Goddess in the language of Light and she is supported by the Angelic star tribes as a vibrational choir of healing frequencies.

"Shekina's voice transmissions" have been analyzed by Physicist Attiqe Choudry and her vocals resonate to the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair}and amazingly 6 other frequencies
FA 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships
417 Hz transmutation Solfagio
741 Hz Consciousness Solfagio Awakening Intuition
1471Hz rodin grid space horizontal
1174Hz (1741Hz) rodin grid space horizontal
339Hz rodin grid vertical
of Rodin mathematical grid - Grid of God, that can heal the souls of humans. Physicist Attiqe Choudry seem to have found hidden information abound in Gods Blue print of Numbers in the voice of Shekina. This sound will enlighten your inner soul and make you healthy. She can easily give you light and peace.

If you have spectrum analyzer you could draw the God's code from Shekina's voice transmissions. Their is hidden knowledge in her sound.

In Shekina's frequencies of sounds of the Language of Light, some doctor who uses them to awake the inner wave energy of the human also called the kundalini serpent. This will awake the kundalini serpents that rises to the crown chakra and awake your powers. You will then become enlightened being with more power than normal being. These sound have also been used in Hindu Culture and also in Budhist Culture.

Those sounds can heal cancer and rise your Chi or Om Energy beyond comparison. Those sounds awake your soul to meet with god himself.



rachelmagnus 16th February 2010 10:54 am

Thank you. That was one of maybe THE biggest gifts I have ever received.

Stefanie444 16th February 2010 11:31 am

My beloved dog of 14 years passed away on Valentine's Day in my arms. I played Shekina Rose's CD emitting the frequencies. Moments after listening to the sound transmission she peacefully transitioned. I felt the presence of the angels. I feel so grateful that she went so peacefully with the assistance of the high vibrations and angelic realms. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! XOXO

vanessaj 16th February 2010 3:30 pm

Wow, I've never experienced anything like that before, never heard a human utter such tones....I felt parts of my mind or spirit being stimulated, especially on the top of my head and forehead, and my cat who is very energy sensitive was rolling around in front of the speaker rubbing on everything like it was audio catnip. As soon as it ended she walked off like it was nothing. Thank you, that was very interesting. I definately feel like in listening to it, energy was transferred, and that energy was very healing and positive.

Patrick 16th February 2010 6:14 pm

Dear Shekina

Your language of light is a profound experience
I feel I have waited a long time for this

With Love

Patrick x

Cindy1950 9th March 2010 11:48 am

I am grateful, thank you, I am touched on a level never before known, that is all I can say now. Words are inadequate.

A La Lansun 21st March 2010 6:54 pm

I received the first Galactic Confederation message in 1954. They spoke to the six of us of things that were hard to believe at the time. And we were considered "strange" because we believed.

Now 55 year later I received permission to speak of THE TONTI CONNECTION. Evidently there are women ready to hear this ancient call because Woman's role is paramount to re-establish this ancient temple on earth to bring forth the balanced masculine and feminine Principles of God in form on earth once more.

Log on to http://www.newagepublications.com Click Blog and THE TONTI CONNECTION Parts 1-5 and The Hare, Greek Symbol, of Logos Incarnate if you resonated to this wonderful message of the Goddesses of Light. Language of Light.

A La Lansun

meljay23 14th December 2013 3:39 am

This is what it sounds like in my head 24/7 l havent heard silence for at least 5 years x

bluedove53 4th April 2014 11:03 pm

this was super effective and powerful. I felt my heart open in the back during the part from the ascended masters especially. thankyou so much for sharing. <3


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Author Information

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Shekina Rose is a Priestess of Light, Divine Messenger and Harmonic Vocalist who sings, tones and chants in the 528Hz Miracle, Love and DNA repair frequencies of the Language of Light. She is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances.