3 Ways to Keep It Simple

Summer is an ideal time to slow down and reflect on all the gifts of a simpler, more peaceful life. Your personal choices can help you align with the tranquil nature of the Tao. For example, why not opt to do without some of the new technology at least some of the time. You can choose to write by hand and feel your connection to your Source as the words flow through your heart onto the paper. You can choose to walk rather than drive as often as possible. You can choose to compute numbers without a calculator, and remember phone numbers as a way of personalizing your connections. Choose to swim or ride a bike for exercise in lieu of using machines.

As part of your simplification routine, you can eliminate some labour-saving devices. Maybe not having email or downloading music is your way of symbolically staying close to the land. You can know what the modern world offers in the way of information and technology, while at the same time being aware of the areas of your life where you want to keep things basic. Recognize when you’re feeling the effects of information overload, too many gadgets, or over complication, and switch to an environment that pleases you for whatever amount of time you choose. Simplifying your life can be a way to heighten your awareness of your connection to the Tao.

Here are 3 suggestions for getting back-to-basics

Practice radical appreciation – Joyfully engage with the things you take for granted such as your home, garden, meals, clothes, family, and friends. Choose to pay attention by giving thanks and loving appreciation.

See paradise all around you –
Rethink your belief that you must travel, be worldly, and experience distant lands and people to have a fulfilling life. Change your view to see the pleasure in what you have, where you’re located, and who you are. Find joy and solace in the simple and cultivate your utopia by feeling the Tao in every cubic inch of space.

Devote a day to food –
Appreciate the mysterious intelligence that created food for your health and pleasure, and say a prayer with every connection to it. Going grocery shopping, cooking, planning a dinner, eating at a restaurant, grabbing a snack, or having some popcorn at the movies are just some of the opportunities to consciously explore the food connections that are part of the endless abundant cycle of the Tao.


Wayne W. Dyer


Eyewitness 7th August 2014 4:54 pm

I used to read everything Mr Dyer ever published. I used to believe everything he said with all my heart and soul and I adored him. After years of being an avid follower and getting absolutely no where, I used to agonize over why I couldn't change my life or heal my body. I don't do any of that anymore. Now I know that everybody has an opinion of how the world works... and it should be obvious to everyone by now that suffering is an essential part of 'Gods Plan' and there is nothing you can do about it. So, write a book or two, smile a lot... go spend your money and pretend you make a difference in the lives of suffering people. **sigh** This suffering person isn't listening anymore, isn't buying any more books, isn't meditating or manifesting or anything. This suffering soul isn't buying any more 'hope' from an endless supply of dealers in human misery who have no more idea how the Universe works than anybody else. :)


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