Becoming a Spiritual Being

Becoming a spiritual being is synonymous with becoming a miracle worker and knowing the bliss of real magic. The differences between people who are non-spiritual, or "physical only", and those whom I call spiritual beings are dramatic.

I use the terms spiritual and non-spiritual in the sense that a spiritual being has a conscious awareness of both the physical and the invisible dimension, while the non-spiritual being is only aware of the physical domain. Neither category, as I use them, implies atheism or religious orientation in any way. The non-spiritual person is not incorrect or bad because he or she experiences the world only in a physical manner.

Below are 12 beliefs and practices for you to cultivate as you develop your abilities to manifest miracles in your life. Becoming a spiritual being as outlined here is an all-out necessity if real magic is your objective in this lifetime.

1. The non-spiritual being lives exclusively within the five senses, believing that if you cannot see, touch, smell, hear, or taste something, then that something simply doesn't exist. The spiritual being knows that beyond the five physical senses, there are other senses we use to experience the world of form. As you work toward becoming a spiritual being as well as a physical being, you begin to live more and more consciously within the invisible realm. You begin to know that there are senses beyond this physical world. Even though you cannot perceive it through one of the five senses, you know that you are a soul with a body, and that your soul is beyond limits and defies birth and death. It is not governed by any of the rules and regulations that govern the physical universe.

To be a spiritual being means that you allow yourself the option of being multi-sensory. Hence a whole new world opens up. As Gary Zukav writes "The experiences of the multi-sensory human are less limited than the experiences of the five-sensory human. They provide more opportunities for growth and development and more opportunities to avoid unnecessary difficulties." (The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav)

2. The non-spiritual being believes we are alone in the universe. The spiritual being knows he or she is never alone. A spiritual being is comfortable with the idea of having teachers, observers, and divine guidance available at any time. If we believe we are souls with bodies rather than bodies with souls, then the invisible, eternal part of ourselves is always available to us for assistance. Once this belief is firm and unshakable it can never be doubted, regardless of the rational arguments of those who live exclusively in the physical world. For some this is called intense prayer, for others it is universal, omnipresent intelligence or force, and for others it is spiritual guidance. It matters not what you call this higher self or how you spell it, since it is beyond definitions, labels, and language itself. For the non-spiritual being this is all hogwash. We show up on Earth, we have one life to live and no one has any ghosts around or within to help out. This is a physical-only universe to the non-spiritual being and the goal is to manipulate and control the physical world.

The spiritual being sees the physical world as an arena for growth and learning with the specific purpose of serving and evolving into higher levels of love. Non-spiritual beings accept the existence of a supreme being or God, not as a universal force that is within us but as a separate power that will someday hold us accountable. They do not see themselves as having assistance or a higher self, unless they have the kind of direct experience of divine presence recorded by St. Paul or St. Francis of Assisi. Spiritual beings simply know, through their personal experience of having been in contact with their own divine guidance, that they are not alone, and that they can use that guidance to become miracle makers in their lives.

3. The non-spiritual being is focused on external power. The spiritual being is focused on personal empowerment. External power is located in the dominance of and control over the physical world. This is the power of war and military might, the power of laws and organization, the power of business and stock market games. This is the power of controlling all that is external to the self. The non-spiritual being is focused on this external power. By contrast, the spiritual being is focused on empowering himself and others to higher and higher levels of consciousness and achievement. The use of force over another is not a possibility for the spiritual being. He or she is not interested in collecting power, but rather in helping others to live in harmony and to experience real magic. This is a power of love that does not judge others. There is no hostility or anger in this kind of power. It is true empowerment to know that one can live in the world with others who have differing points of view and have no need to control or vanquish them as victims.

A spiritual being knows the enormous power that comes with the ability to manipulate the physical world with one's mind. A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe. The entire philosophy of aikido and the Oriental martial arts is based not on external power over the opponent, but on becoming at one with that external energy to remove the threat. Empowerment is the inner joy of knowing that external force is not necessary to be at harmony with oneself. To the non-spiritual being, no other way is known. One must constantly be ready for war. Even though the spiritual masters to whom they often pledge allegiance speak against such use of power, the non-spiritual being simply cannot see other alternatives

4. The non-spiritual being feels separated and distinct from all others, a being unto himself. The spiritual being knows that he is connected to all others and lives his life as if each person he meets shares being human with him. When a person feels separate from all others he becomes more self-centered and much less concerned about the problems of others. He may feel some sympathy for people starving in another part of the world, but that person's daily approach is, "It's not my problem." The splintered personality, the non-spiritual being, is focused more on his own problems, and often feels that other human beings are either in his way or trying to get what he wants and so he must "do in" the other guy, before he gets done in himself.

The spiritual being knows that we are all connected, and he is able to see the fullness of God in each person with whom he makes contact. This sense of connection eliminates much of the inner conflict that the non-spiritual being experiences as he constantly judges others, categorizes them according to physical appearances and behaviors, and then proceeds to find ways to either ignore or take advantage of them for his own benefit. Being connected means that the need for conflict and confrontation is eliminated. Knowing that the same invisible force that flows through himself flows through all others allows the spiritual being to truly live the golden rule. The spiritual being thinks, "How I am treating others is essentially how I am treating myself, and vice versa." The meaning of "love thy neighbor as thyself" is clear to the spiritual being, while it is considered nonsense by the non-spiritual being. Negative judgment is not possible when one feels connected to all others.

The spiritual being knows that he cannot define another by his judgments, that he only defines himself as a judgmental person. Research at the subatomic quantum level reveals an invisible connection between all particles and all members of a given species. This oneness is being demonstrated in remarkable scientific discoveries. The findings show that physical distance, what we think of as empty space, does no preclude a connection by invisible forces. Obviously there exist invisible connections between our thoughts and our actions. We do not deny this, even though the connection is impervious to our senses.

The non-spiritual being cannot make such a leap, but the spiritual being knows that this invisible force connects him to all others, and therefore treats all others as if they were a part of himself. It is all a question of knowing. The non-spiritual being acts as if he were an island, separate and distinct from others, unconnected. Plainly stated, miracles and real magic are simply unavailable to those who believe themselves to be islands in the sea of humanity.

5. The non-spiritual being believes exclusively in a cause/effect interpretation of life. The spiritual being knows that there is a higher power working in the universe beyond mere cause and effect. The non-spiritual being lives exclusively in the physical world, where cause and effect rule. If one plants a seed (cause), he will see the result (effect). If one is hungry, he will seek food. If one is angry, he will vent that anger. This is indeed a rational and logical way to think and behave, since the third law of motion for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction is always operating in the physical universe. The spiritual being goes beyond Newton's physics and lives in an entirely different realm. The spiritual being knows that thoughts come out of nothingness, and that in our dream state (one-third of our entire physical lives), where we are in pure thought, cause and effect play no role whatsoever.

6. The non-spiritual being is motivated by achievement, performance and acquisitions. The spiritual being is motivated by ethics, serenity and quality of life. For the non-spiritual person, the focus is on learning for the purpose of high grades, getting ahead, and acquiring possessions. The purpose of athletics is competition. Success is measured in external labels such as position, rank, bank accounts, and awards. These are all very much a part of our culture, and certainly not objects to be scorned, they simply are not the focus of the spiritual being's life.

For the spiritual being, success is achieved by aligning oneself with one's purpose, which is not measured by performance or acquisitions. The spiritual being knows that these external things flow into one's life in sufficient amounts and that they arrive as a result of living purposefully. The spiritual being knows that living purposefully involves serving in a loving fashion. Mother Teresa, who spent many years of her life caring for the most downtrodden among us in the slums of Calcutta, defined purpose this way in "For the Love of God:" "The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action.

Religion has nothing to do with compassion. It is our love for God that is the main thing, because we have all been created for the sole purpose to love and be loved." It is in ways such as this that the spiritual being's inner and outer reality is experienced. It is not necessary to become a saint ministering to the impoverished to become a spiritual being. One simply must know that there is much more to life than achievement, performance and acquisitions, and that the measure of a life is not in what is accumulated, but rather in what is given to others. Living ethically, morally and serenely while being aligned with a spiritual purpose is at the core of his being. Real magic cannot be experienced when your focus is on getting more for yourself, particularly if it is at the expense of others. When you experience a sense of serenity and quality about your life, knowing your mind is what creates such a state, you will also know that from such a state of mind flows miracle-making magic.

7. The non-spiritual being has no place within his awareness for the practice of meditation. The spiritual being cannot imagine life without it. For the non-spiritual being, the idea of looking quietly within oneself and sitting alone for any period of time repeating a mantra, emptying one's mind, and seeking answers by aligning oneself with one's Higher Self borders on lunacy. For this person, answers are sought by working hard, struggling, persevering, setting goals, reaching those goals and setting new ones and competing in a dog-eat-dog world. The spiritual being knows about the enormous power of the practice of meditation. He knows meditation makes him more alert and able to think more clearly. He knows the very special effect meditation has in relieving stress and tension.

Spiritual people know, by virtue of having been there and experienced it firsthand, that one can get divine guidance by becoming peaceful and quiet, and asking for answers. They know they are multidimensional and that the invisible mind can be tapped at higher and higher levels through meditation, or whatever you want to call the practice of being alone and emptying your mind of the frenetic thoughts that occupy so much of daily life. They know that in deep meditation one can leave the body and enter a sphere of magic that is as blissful a state as any drug could temporarily provide. For the non-spiritual being this is perceived as an escape from reality, but for the spiritual being it is an introduction to a whole new reality, a reality that includes an opening in life that will lead to miracle making.

8. For the non-spiritual being, the concept of intuition can be reduced to a hunch or a haphazard thought that accidentally pops into one's head on occasion. For the spiritual being, intuition is far more than a hunch. It is viewed as guidance or as God talking, and this inner insight is never taken lightly or ignored. You know from your own experience that when you ignore your intuitive proddings, you end up regretting it or having to "learn the hard way". To the non-spiritual person, intuition is completely unpredictable and occurs in random happenstance. It is often ignored or shunned in favor of behaving in habitual ways.

The spiritual being strives to increase consciousness concerning his intuition. He pays attention to invisible messages and knows deep within that there is something working that is much more than a coincidence. Spiritual beings have an awareness of the nonphysical world and are not stuck exclusively in a universe restricted to the functioning of their five senses. Hence all thoughts, invisible though they may be, are something to pay attention to. But intuition is much more than a thought about something, it is almost as if one is receiving a gentle prod to behave in a certain way or to avoid something that might be dangerous or unhealthy. Although inexplicable, our intuition is truly a factor of our lives. For the non-spiritual person, this seems to be merely a hunch and nothing to study or become more attuned to. The non-spiritual person thinks, "It will pass. It is just my mind at work in its disorderly way " For the spiritual person, these inner intuitive expressions are almost like having a dialogue with God.

A Personal Perspective I view my intuition about everything and anything as God talking to me. I pay attention when I "feel something" strongly and I always go with that inner inclination. At one time in my life I ignored it, but now I know better and these intuitive feelings always, and I mean always, guide me in a direction of growth and purposefulness. Sometimes my intuition tells me where to go to write, and I follow, and the writing is always smooth and flowing. When I have ignored this intuition, I have struggled tremendously and blamed "writer's block." I have come to not only trust that guidance in my writing, but to rely on it in virtually all areas of my life. I have developed a private relationship with my intuition from what to eat and what to write about, to how to relate to my wife and other family members. I meditate on it, trust it, study it, and seek to become more aware of it. When I do ignore it, I pay a price, and then remind myself of the lesson to trust that inner voice the next time. I figure if I can talk to God and call it prayer, believing in such a universal divine presence, then there is nothing loony about having God talk to me.

All the spiritual people I've read about share a similar feeling. Intuition is loving guidance and they know enough not to ignore it.

9. The non-spiritual being is involved in a lot of fighting, he is aligned with the tools of power in a war against that which he believes to be evil. This person knows what he hates, and experiences a great deal of inner turmoil over perceived wrongs. Much of his energy, both mental and physical, is devoted to what he perceives to be bad or evil. Spiritual beings do not order their lives to be against anything. They are not against starvation, they are for feeding people and seeing that everyone in the world is nutritionally satisfied. They work on what they are for, rather than fighting what they are against. Fighting starvation only weakens the fighter and makes him angry and frustrated, while working for a well-fed populace is empowering.

Spiritual beings are not against war, they are for peace and spend their energy on working for peace. They do not join a war on drugs or poverty, because wars need warriors and fighters, and this will not make the problems go away. Spiritual beings are for a well-educated youth, who can be euphoric, giddy and high without the need for external substances. They work toward this end, helping young people to know the power of their own minds and bodies. They fight nothing. When you fight evil by employing the methods of hatred and violence, you are part of the hatred and violence of evil itself. despite the rightness of your position in your own mind. If all the people in the world who are against terrorism and war were to shift their perspective to supporting and working for peace, terrorism and war would be eliminated. Somehow our priorities are turned inside out.

Spiritual beings do not get tied up with hatred. They are focused thoughtfully on what they are for and they translate that into action. Spiritual beings keep their thoughts on love and harmony, in the face of things they would love to see changed. All that you fight weakens you. All that you are for empowers you. In order to manifest miracles, you must be totally focused on what you are for. Real magic occurs in your life when you have eliminated the hatred that is in your life, even the hatred that you have against hatred.

10. The non-spiritual person feels no sense of responsibility to the universe, therefore he has not developed a reverence for life. The spiritual being has a reverence for life that goes to the essence of all beings. The non-spiritual being believes, as Gary Zukav has said, "that we are conscious and that the universe is not." He thinks that his existence will end with this lifetime and that he is not responsible to the universe. The non-spiritual being has become arrogant. The spiritual being behaves as if the God in all life matters, and he feels a sense of responsibility to the universe. He is in awe of this life and that he has a mind with which to process the physical universe. That awe leads him to look outward at all life and the environment with a sense of appreciation and reverence, to engage with life itself at a deeper level than merely the material world.

To the spiritual being the cycles of life are approached as representatives of infinity, with reverence that is truly an honoring of life. It is a gentle and kind approach toward all that is in our world, a recognition that the earth itself and the universe beyond has a consciousness and that our life is connected in some unseen way to all life now and in the past. The invisible intelligence that suffuses all form is a part of ourselves, thus a reverence for all life is knowing that there is a soul in everything. That soul is worthy of being honored.

The spiritual person is conscious of the need not to take more from the earth than is needed, and to give back to the universe in some fashion for those who will habitate the planet after himself. Miracle-making capability comes out of a strong reverence for all life, including your own, and therefore in order to know real magic you must learn to think and act in ways consistent with being a reverent spiritual being.

11. The non-spiritual being is laden with grudges, hostility, and the need for revenge. The spiritual being has no room in his heart for these impediments to miracle making and real magic. The spiritual being knows that all spiritual masters have talked about the importance of forgiveness. Here are few examples from our mayor religious teachings:

Judaism: The most beautiful thing a man can do is to forgive wrong.

Christianity: Then Peter came up and said to him, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?" "As many as seven times." Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven."

Islam: Forgive thy servant seventy times a day.

Sikhism: Where there is forgiveness there is God himself.

Taoism: Recompense injury with kindness.

Buddhism: Never is hate diminished by hatred. It is only diminished by love. This is an eternal law. For the spiritual being it is crucial to be able to "walk the talk." One cannot profess to be a practicing member of a given faith, and then behave in ways inconsistent with the teachings.

Forgiveness is an act of the heart.

12. The non-spiritual being believes that there are real world limitations and that although there may be some evidence for the existence of miracles, they are viewed as random happenings for a few fortunate others. The spiritual being believes in miracles and his own unique ability to receive loving guidance and to experience a world of real magic.

The spiritual being knows that miracles are very real. He believes the forces that have created miracles for others are still present in the universe and can be tapped into.

The non-spiritual being sees miracles in a totally different light. He believes them to be accidents, and therefore has no faith in his own ability to participate in the miracle-making process. Conclusion The spiritual dozen require very little of you. They are not difficult to understand nor do they require any long training or indoctrination on your part. They can be accomplished in this very instant in which you are reading.

Becoming a spiritual being takes place within that invisible self I have been writing about. Regardless of how you have chosen to be up until now, working toward becoming a spiritual being can be your choice today. You do not have to adopt any specific religious tenets or undergo a religious transformation you simply have to decide that this is the way you would like to live out the remainder of your life. With this kind of inner commitment you are on your way.

It is important to recognize that real magic is unavailable to those who choose the non-spiritual life. Being able to make miracles happen is fundamentally a result of how you choose to align yourself, how you choose to use your mind, and how much faith you have in being able to use it to affect your physical world.

This article was excerpted from: Real Magic by Dr. Wayne DyerReal Magic : Creating Miracles in Everyday Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer.



majicamelman 26th May 2009 5:37 am

ok , I got the hint

k 26th May 2009 7:01 am

OK, now we know what a spiritual being is like, what is going to happen to the non-spiritual beings as new light is brought in and a new world is manifested? Do they disappear? Is enlightenment a solitary event or will all the people of the world be enlightened. What happens to those who can not see the light? If we have love and compassion, when does our heart stop hurting for all the darkness we see in the world. We can sit and say that is not a spiritual being, but there in we are judging. You can look into the eyes of some and see the darkness there, if we are going to have a better world where the earth and animals as well as humans do not suffer, where does that lack of light go?

Reid Scott Anderson 26th May 2009 9:49 am

You are responsible for your life. If you choose the spiritual path then your light will help others to see the truth as well. Can you solve all of the world's problems? Ascension is the enlightenment of your soul to a greater understanding of who you really are and the acceptance of your true being and true purpose here. It is the realization and acceptance of your true self.

The way in which you live your life has a profound effect on others you touch. One can have empathy for the plight of others without living their plight or giving their plight even more power. This is true no matter the path of the person. If you wish to see peace in the world...then see peace in the world. If you wish to do something about it...then send love into the crystalline grid and find an Org that is doing the work of building bridges thru love and join them. Above all, use your thoughts at all times to create what you desire to see.

k 26th May 2009 10:00 am

There are those who are empaths and we suffer partly because of the negative energies of the non-spiritual people. If we could live in ivory towers and not associate with the negative people we would not be aware of the darkness and maybe then we could be more spiritual and see ourselves as one with the people who carry hate and anger. The only way I can see us all being one is that we are one in spirit, but not personality. When that person is stripped of their ego then I can see them as being one with me. As I see it right now humans create their own suffering in many ways, as well as projecting their negative energies into the world to create suffering for innocent creatures. So, I do become a bit irritated when I look into the eyes of someone void of light because I see the suffering they create. This is judgmental, I know, but I do not live in an ivory tower

k 26th May 2009 10:22 am

My view of the world is a little slanted right now from what is called "burn out" in the medical field. I found myself going from a caring compassionate person to a cynical person with little tolerance for the misbehavior of humans. Over the years I have seen this happen to most people who have been in the emergency medicine field for a long time. Why I have brought this to myself is a mystery I am still trying to understand. But, I will say this, unless you have been in the trenches and have first hand awareness of the darkness, and the impact it can have on you, do not underestimate it. I still have a great deal of compassion for animals, they don't have a choice, humans do.

k 26th May 2009 11:32 am

I am obviously off the hinges a today. I thought I was better and exposed myself to a large group of people with not so good energies last evening. So maybe that is why I am negative, I am not sure. Something that will require more work. If I could just understand why I am having so much trouble with this.

angelk 26th May 2009 5:50 pm

Beautiful message, and so clearly stated. I am grateful for your sharing your teachings. I enjoyed watching you do a presentation with Byron Katie and recently finished one of her programs on deeper self-realization as well. The gift of inner peace that you lead the way to for all of us that choose it is beautiful. In gratitude,

majicamelman 26th May 2009 6:23 pm

being the change you wish to see , in the stillness, clarity, let go your expectation of them

Reid Scott Anderson 26th May 2009 9:20 pm

Ah yes...assumptions....we just love our little dramas don't we? We all are on our own spiritual paths...are we not?

To live with Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Joy is the goal. To release the Ego and see without judgement is the trick, is it not?

The Cosmic, Spiritual, and Natural Laws are simple. You are exactly what you think you are and if that is not pleasing to you, it can be changed in a blink of an eye with a new thought. The trick is to keep the thought and then to feel it in your Heart Chackra and then to act on it. These are the things we humans have not the patience for. So we assume " It is what it is "...when in fact we created all of it our selves.

The Truth is simple...always is. Choose Love over Fear and see what happens to your life. But know this: your ego will fight for it's life and do whatever it can to regain power. So I say to you, blessings and Love to your path and may you accept the truth of who you are.

majicamelman 26th May 2009 10:42 pm

seeing them as they truly are , more informed decisions likely
mirror shines , sparkles, sparkle

Tess 27th May 2009 11:47 am

K I have read some of your former posts with interest. I too, am concerned about ascension and what happens to those who refuse any kind of spirituality and insist on living in separateness. I have been working on my own spirituality for the last 5 years, and although I have been an influence to a few people, my inner light has actually repelled many. I live in a neighbourhood where people are living in fear and separateness. I have tried sending my neighbours love and light and praying for them but it seems just to make them nastier. ALthough I long for ascension I am concerned about those who choose to live in darkness. Nobody seems to address how that will happen, just gloss over by saying "the whole planet is ready for ascension" or "one goes, all goes". I truly don't see how that can happen.

k 27th May 2009 9:18 pm

Interesting Tess, those are the very thoughts I have been having. I am still searching for answers. My Zen Master said to not worry where the darkness goes, just go to the light, but I think it is natural for the enquisitve mind to wonder about things, and question all things, that is how we discover WISDOM. I actually have put a lot of thought and research into this issue over the past few days. It is easy to say just love, don't hate, have anger fear etc. But I think in order to to work through our emotions we have to understand them. I think our main purpose in this "reality" is to work through our feelings as we encounter experiences, give up the survival instinct and evolve. Knowing that we are going to be taken care of is part of working through the survival instinct having faith in God. But, back to the issue, I have encountered some experiences that I know I am supposed to pay attention to and understand. So, far my ideas may seem way out at first, but

k 27th May 2009 9:39 pm

My theory as it stands today. What we experience pertains to our development only, everyone sort of has their own reality. Their own veil of darkness. I think that what our soul agreed to before we came into this experience will happen even if angels have to come into this world to be the "bad" guys. Things are not as they seem and we are in an illusion of our souls own making. So, as we encounter negative people we can look at them and know that they are just bringing to our experince what our soul agreed to and it is not that they are good or bad, they are just doing what they are supposed to do to create our experience. Our purpose is to fulfill our souls contract and bring that darkness into light by working through the pain, the emotions of what they bring to us. To be able to forgive and love and not expect them to change to meet our expectation, all in a days work of becoming a child of light. Now the crazy part, I think some mystic knowledge is in the old fairy tales. Consider Sleeping Beauty, when she woke up, everyone woke up. We are all really in a dream, soon to wake up.

k 27th May 2009 9:57 pm

To take the illusion concept a bit further. As movies are made today, many times the actor is on the set with only a blank screen behind him. The special effects guys fill in all the details we see in the final creation. When all the special effect are taken away there is just an actor alone on the set. WE are all one as they say, but we have our own experiences our own individual veils of darkness. Our individual issues to work through, our own individual light to bring into the darkness. I think this is all about becoming masters of ourselves, learning to become responsible creators and that only comes after we work through the dark emotions and desires and find the God inside of us. When we do this we can create according to what is best for the whole an not just to become rich or have our own personal desires fulfilled as laid out in most manifesting programs. Then we will have the power that comes with responsibility as well as the responsiblity that comes with that power.

k 27th May 2009 10:12 pm

But, in all of this we should never forget that we are not alone. God and the forces of light are always with us and if we ask for help in overcoming a weakness we are struggling with, they will be there to help. So, we are not really alone on the set. We have beings of great love and compassion to help guide us through our movie lines and scenes. They are not there to judge us, and I think often they respect us for having the courage to play our our part in this drama, as we each work to become greater beings of light ourselves. We can only learn from experience even though those experiences can be damn tough, but without the experiences we will not ever evolve to be what we are intended to become.

k 27th May 2009 10:41 pm

So, the test of my theory will be to come out of seclusion into a negative enviroment and see if this different way of seeing thing will help me. Maybe I can just smile at the people who come to "pester" me and acknowledge that they are just doing what my soul agreed for them to do. Maybe even consider them to be angels in disguise just to trying to get my goat and test me. I think the view of not trying to save the world, and leaving that to the higher beings will help. WE can only bring our own light into the world and make it brighter. If other souls see the light and improve that is great, but really now, I don't think that is our purpose. We are working to become children of light and can only be responsible for our own light. Maybe if my light is strong enough I will overcome the negative vibs they give off and not feel them so much. :) Or pretend they are not even there, and shield myself, I do not have all the answers. In the movie "Merlin", the people caused Mapp the wicked personallity in the movie to fade into non-existance by ignoring her. Maybe with practice. Who knows.

k 28th May 2009 12:12 am

But, just one more comment on this before I test my theory or consider it totally valid. The Emerald Tablet refers to Children of Light who's souls cycle throught lives on this earth who are to transform darkness into light. I am not sure if that refers to the very sensitive people or people who are mystics who go through cycles of going into what I call hell as they absorb the negative energies of the world around them and process that energy into light. If it is, the process of going into hell, is not a conscious choice. It is not something they try to do in order to save the world, it just happens for some reason. Maybe there are times when things seem to be going great and they encounter the suffering of an animal or human and it sends them into darkness and dispair. These mystics have suffered a great deal through the ages, St. John of the Cross, Mother Theresa the list is long and most we are not ever aware of. Maybe if we pick up on negative energies we are transforming that darkness into light. I do not have the answers obviously.

kathy nelson 28th May 2009 11:39 am

We are spiritual beings. It's not something we become, it's something we are in various stages of remembering. I believe Dr. Dyer would agree with this but the language of this article seems to put people into two groups: spiritual and non-spiritual and neglects a very important point. We are first and foremost spiritual beings. We can forget, we can identify with the limited, conditioned self but that never changes the fact that we are spiritual beings on a human journey. I sometimes hear people say "so and so isn't very spiritual" in a rather judgemental way. I say: Yes, they are! Everyone is. They just forgot. I forget too! It's okay. More and more I'm noticing that the quickest way to re-connect with my Source energy, my true self, my spiritual nature is to remember the beautiful underlying spirit in all especially those who have totally forgotten and are totally embroiled in ego. Who judges another's ego anyway? Our ego, that's who. We are the light of the world, all of us, no exceptions. How to respond to another's negative behavior? Remember, they are spirit.

majicamelman 28th May 2009 7:45 pm

twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are , up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky , ~?~ the wisdom hidden in a nursery rhyme , playful reminders ~?~

k 29th May 2009 2:01 am

Bare with me ya'll. I still am trying to understand how we can have a world free of suffering and injustice when we can see the darkness in some of our fellow humans. I have about concluded that there is wrong with the idea of just acknowledging that there are evil forces in our world? I know I am going to get some flack about this, but the Bible and other religious texts discuss the evil forces. The Emerald Tablet toward the end of Ch. 6 discusses the Dark Brothers who can have influence over a soul for the duration of a life time. I see the evil in some people's eyes and I pick up on the vibs, and trying to convince myself that it is not "evil" has caused me a lot of confusion. Obviously.
"But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened, be sure that a force is directed to thee. Only by knowing can thou overcome it. Only by wisdom can thou hope to be free. Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power. Attain and ye shall have power o’er all"
I researched the dialog I thought had come from Einstein and actually found that he refuted that discourse. An open mind, adapts. :).

TruthSeeker 9th December 2010 2:25 pm

"The only way I can see us all being one is that we are one in spirit, but not personality. When that person is stripped of their ego then I can see them as being one with me."

I agree. we are one with our higher selves. Our egoes are separate. In fact the ego is an agent of separation. The ego separates you from your higher self. Our higherselves are LOVE in ONENESS.

k 9th December 2010 7:32 pm

Wow TruthSeeker, you dug up some old messages. It is interesting to reveiw our thoughts from a year and a half ago. I have considered this issue ever since the time of these posts and I am still confused a litte. Right now I consider everything to be MY illusion. No one else senses the same things I do and in a way I am alone in my delusion, like a schizophrenic is alone in his delusion. As I work on purification and develope a better connection with the Beloved, or the Divinity with in me, the dark illsuions will go away. I do not agree with Dyer, at all, we do not attract what we are. Some of us have choosen harder lessons and experiences to gain more knowledge. I do not seek the God within me in order to become "spiritual", I do what I do because of what I am already. Like a butterfly may not want to go through the work of building a cocoon, but his DNA causes him to do that. The mystics of the past have mostly had challenging lives, so does that mean they attract what they are, suggesting that they resonated with dark energies, so that is what they attracted to them selves? NO!

Zaytiggy7 8th May 2013 3:52 am

I really loved and enjoyed this posting thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Zaytiggy7 8th May 2013 3:52 am

I really loved and enjoyed this posting thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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