What I’ve Learned About Attracting Prosperity

Summer is a wonderful time to rejuvenate our bodies in the warm rays of the sun and renew our thoughts for a more prosperous and abundant life. I wanted to share an important lesson I learned while writing Wishes Fulfilled to remind you that all you want and all you desire can be and is already yours.

Your Intention Is to Attract Prosperity and Abundance into Your Life

As a student of human nature, I long ago came to the conclusion that most people do not know how to make money or attract abundance. It’s a rare person indeed who is the exception to this observation, although I am certain that you – yes, you – are in the process of leaving that mind-set behind. Many people feel that their life isn’t fulfilled because they do not trust their own highest self. Quite likely this is so because they didn’t discover earlier in life that they even have a higher or highest self. When a person knows that he or she is God and has awareness of his or her own divinity, it is impossible to say, “I will be.” Why? Because “I will be” means “I am not.” Wanting to attract more prosperity into your life is equivalent to sending the message of I am not. As long as this is your conscious thought, you are unwittingly programming your subconscious mind to offer you experiences that match your feeling. I am not projects a state of lack. There will be an avalanche of objective thoughts and ideas thrown at you regarding the intention you have of experiencing a life of prosperity. I know this personally because I’ve heard it all my life.

To attract appropriate and healthy prosperity or abundance into your life, you need to place all of your attention on what having what you want feels like. You need to be able to feel what that is like even before it materializes to your satisfaction. By feeling those pleasant sensations in your body, you reprogram your segment of subconscious mind to harmonize with the infinitely prosperous universal subconscious mind where all manifestation originates. Your ability to wholeheartedly align with this energetic field means that you simply never again produce thoughts like, I hope someday to become prosperous.

During the rejuvenating months of summer that lay ahead, I invite you to try feeling your way to prosperity and healthy abundance by living today as if you have already received the gifts for which you wish. If you need a reminder of this lesson or if you just want to stay connected to your divinity, you can find more lessons in my new podcast. As you know, I feel called to share what I learn so we can all grow in the light of who we truly are and I hope these lessons help you find your calling.





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