A book excerpt from The Ascension Primer

"Below is a list of new ways of being that usually arrive when we begin to reside in a new and higher vibrating reality. Many of these greatly surprised me as they were so much simpler and better than I could have ever imagined. The old rules and ways we were told of the higher realms were derived from an ego-based consciousness that existed behind the veil, and were some of them ever wrong! And the majority, but not all, of any channelings only derive from the individual who is channeling the information. Anyone can tap into any energy pocket they choose that is vibrating as they are and get about any kind of information that matches their belief system. Who knows about the accuracy. Through the ascension process, we go there. In this way, it is quite different indeed.

1. You reach a certain level through your ascension process where you no longer desire or resonate with any kind of healing. And like a reformed smoker, you can get frustrated when the New Age arena continues to focus much of their energy on healing. As we begin to vibrate higher, we no longer need healing. Healing serves to basically introduce us to a lower vibrating energy that is no longer any kind of a match to us. It can take us "back" where we no longer are. And it can really bring in a lower vibrating energy that we need not ever focus on again. Where we place our energy and focus greatly becomes our surrounding reality more than ever in the higher realms. Why would one want to continually focus on lower vibrating energy? This energy can feel like something from another world where you are no longer residing. And receiving a healing after you have "gotten here" can also short circuit your system.

2. You no longer have the same connection with your physical family. We chose to be born into a physical environment in order to support the development of necessary traits that we chose to embody in order to support our soul purpose. In addition, most of us agreed to uplift the planetary vibration through transmuting the darker and denser energies. After our prior incarnation is complete and we are done and have arrived in a higher realm, our purposes with our families are now obsolete. The cords are basically severed. We are no longer connected
through issues. We are done with this experience. Therefore, our family members can suddenly disappear from our lives for no apparent reason as there is no longer a connection to them. But if we continue to simply love them and have that as our connection, we can continue to maintain a relationship based on joy and choice. And after we arrive in a higher state of clarity, we are also able to clearly see who they really are and how  they operate, which has absolutely nothing to do with us.

3. Your lifetime friends suddenly leave your life. Same as above. And sometimes we re-unite with friends we haven't seen for eons. And this energetic pattern is also true for geographical areas on the planet as well. When we are done with a particular purpose, we are done. In the higher realms it is all about joy,fun, experiencing, and creating with no attachments. This is why we may also get to go back to old friends and geographical homes as we are now uniting for a different purpose.

4. You suddenly see what it is all about and always has been and it has nothing to do with "karma", "contracts", "life lessons", or "Earth as a school". These are things that someone made up and many of us bought into. We needed a story to explain why we were so uncomfortable and we needed it to be spiritual and purposeful so that our suffering would not be in vain. When the fog finally lifts and we rise above it, we are no longer seeing through limited thinking of a lower vibrating consciousness. It is all about energy and using it to have an experience. We wanted to play games. We made up stories. At times we came to the planet to try and alter it through our higher consciousness that we placed in form (our bodies). We were bored at times. The purpose of Earth and of existence is to create through form. We were never trying to get anywhere, continually trying to go back home. We wanted to play, have fun and experience. And we weren't serious all the time! Spirituality is about joy, fun, creating, and playing. It is absolutely not rigid, full of rules, or judgmental. It is about freedom, love, and laughter.

5. You are no longer interested in spiritual gatherings, group meditations, or the New Age arena in general. You have come to realize that intentional spirituality is not really real and does not stick. The truth of the matter is, we are spiritual 24/7 no matter what we are doing. Forced spirituality removes us from the world and places us in artificial situations where we are not really being, but "trying" to be. In the higher realms, we are simply living our lives and experiencing. We are not continually wanting something else and trying to place ourselves in situations that we think may bring us closer to Source because they seem to be more spiritual. It is far better to have the presence of your being here in the world rather than in a pocket of distanced and artificial "trying".

6. You get rid of all your spiritual and self-help books and no longer desire to learn anything new. Congratulations! You have arrived in the state of being. You are also done learning as you are readying to provide your energy through your special gifts and talents by simply being in a space where you greatly enjoying being. Being in the moment relates to this as well. And expanding and growing always comes from experience, not from book learning or mental awareness. We can now get any additional information we need through connecting directly to Source. In addition, if you are no longer craving any new information, you are most likely done in this universe and preparing to go to the next level.

7. You crave simplicity and can barely tolerate anything complicated. We have released so much that we are much more in a state of simplicity. In the higher realms, one does not need to make anything happen or to do one thing in order to have an outcome. There are no hoops to jump through or complicated processes. When we are being a vibration, we simply and naturally draw it to us. And remember, in the higher realms we are simply being, creating, and experiencing. No planning, agendas, opinions, or having to prove something or do something in order to receive something.

8. Negativity feels downright awful. In the higher realms, there is no contrast or negativity. When we reach a higher state, we know intuitively that life is about joy, passion, and creativity and we never have a thing to complain about. Negativity comes from powerlessness and this state does not exist in the higher realms. And continually talking about anything in a negative way brings it to life and makes negativity a real experience and reality. It gives it fuel and allows it to exist.

9. Drama is a thing of the past. When we reach the higher states, we can clearly see that we had been most certainly existing in a "play". As we are now living and viewing things from a higher level, we no longer need dramas and stories to unfold around us due to unintentional and unconscious creating. We no longer desire this emotional state of powerlessness as it no longer fits where we are. And we are much too tired and apathetic, as a perfect by-product of the ascension process, to have the energy for this kind of thing!"  May the offerings from What's Up On Planet Earth? serve to light your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are all one. Thank you for your continued  interest and happy reading!


Ian Hyman 26th May 2008 11:10 pm

It's so funny to read this article because it's exactly how I've been feeling lately. I used to do the spiritual seminars and books, but recently I've been releasing all of that and I feel SO much more in the flow. I think all that "spiritual stuff" gave me some fundamentals that have really helped me, but like you mentioned a lot of those intentional spiritual gatherings really feel so unfulfilling. Anyway It's great to see other people in the same space!
Much Love,

Coralie Mitchell 2nd June 2008 4:34 am

Dear Karen
Ive been reading spirit library for about a year. Ive hardly read something thqat i felt was REAL. This description is so useful and REAL!! well done...youve explained everything so wonderfully and it is so very simple...ascensiion is simple...getting through the baggage is the hardest part.


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