April 24, 2004: The New Unity has Arrived

The Spring Equinox brought in an energy with the most powerful punch I have yet to experience, and with good reason. GREAT change and a lot of New were its earmark. Creating great stress within many, some of us felt we were reaching a breaking point. As this feeling of stress continues, it serves a divine purpose. We are being ushered into a state of surrender, giving up and letting go. These energies need to be this intense in order to create a specific vortex within us. We are being asked to co-create with source, to surrender and let go in order to embody this New way of the higher realms. As we realize that we cannot do everything ourselves, that we are not completely in charge, that everything is not our responsibility, and quit trying to make everything happen ourselves, we then get out of the way and let source do all of the work. As enough of us reach this state of high stress and frustration and finally give up and let go, we will then “flip” into the higher realms as a whole.

We have also now entered into Unity consciousness. As we can no longer do everything ourselves, and as we surrender to source as the “work horse”, we will soon be coming together to assist each other as well. We will all be there for each other, sharing our own unique gifts and talents to support each of us experiencing the ascension process, and then, as we move forward, continuing this on for all those who will follow. As I have mentioned many times in the past year, communities will soon be forming which will embody complete unity and support, as well as an arena for us to share our unique gifts, talents and passions. In the meantime, this New unity energy will leave no man, woman or child alone or unattended. That was the Old paradigm. Viewing things from this New energy of the higher realms, it seems unbelievable that we have lived in such separation from each other and from source for so long…..

This latest arriving energy needed to be this intense for the changes to be felt so that things would have to be manifested into form. This “punch” had to be noticeable or we would all continue on complaining without making changes. This week we began a sort of “upswing” in our lives with things beginning to look up and change. This is the beginning of the integration of the New changes.

As our ascension process continues, What's Up On Planet Earth? will be dedicated to bringing to you only POSITIVE support and stories for an enjoyable and peaceful personal ascension process. As we have entered such a powerful vibration of near instant manifestation, we are all very suggestible now. A friend of mine recently listened to a radio show before going to sleep that detailed personal experiences of going out of body and floating above oneself while sleeping. That night he had the exact experience himself! As we are powerful creators, each of us has the opportunity to create however we want our ascension process to unfold……so let's create the best scenario. So then, any ascension symptoms mentioned here will come with explanations for comfort as well as supports for ease.

Many of us are feeling the “no sense of place” energy that an intense and rapid shift creates. Know that this will pass as we find our New sense of place. The Old has been “removed” so to speak and we may feel that we just don't fit anywhere. Highly sensitive beings are feeling this the most. Ultimately, you will find that your real sense of place is within you, as you begin to really know who you are. If you are also feeling that you are floating around with what feels like no gravity around you, you will eventually get used to this feeling and know that you are in fact, self-contained, as all is within you. I recently had to sleep on my sofa for several nights as there was a situation needing repair in my bedroom. When I returned to my larger bed that I hadn't been used to, it seemed so vast and open. It just took time getting used to. The dimensions are so wide open now that some may feel a sense of vulnerability. Remember your bubble…..

As we go through this process, know that we are being divinely guided and supported, without exception. Back in January, my doctor put me on some medication that I needed. Being resistive to conventional medicine, I didn't really want to take it. Several of my friends, as well as a medical professional, muscle tested and used pendulums, and all concurred that this medication was actually aggravating my system and of no benefit to me. I went off the medication and soon ended up in the hospital. Message: Your support may come in any package, so be open. My doctor was handing me a gift in his hands. It was my resistance to source flowing that got in the way. In addition, recent studies have shown that muscle testing actually only indicates what an individual believes, as well as practitioners newly discovering that muscle testing may not be working anymore. Why? We are in a high and unusual energy now, with a different frequency that everything is continually adjusting to. In addition, we are learning New forms of guidance that come from within us….this is the New energy.

Support and guidance continued to come when I entered the hospital (and know that this was a regular, large mainstream hospital in Asheville, NC). I was so tired of trying to “fix” myself and figure things out on my own, that I just let go and decided to let the hospital take care of me. This was a strong act of trust, as I had some distinct negative feelings about hospitals. After I let go, some amazing things began to happen. One nurse came in my room and in the course of conversation, told me that she had been waking up every night between 2 and 4. She began taking milk thistle and her waking up subsided (she has asked me not to quote her as a “nurse's” recommendation). She was a great proponent of herbs. These nurses stayed by my side continually, offering unconditional love and support. Another nurse came in one day and told me to surround myself with white light. She said she believed I was taking in the energy of the other patients, knew I was a great healer, and that I should be sure and put up some kind of barrier. She also believed I was releasing many past lives and therefore, under some unusual stress. She said that resisting these memories would cause more discomfort, and that I would be better off allowing them to just wash over me like a wave. She said she had just gone through a similar experience herself and completely understood. No resistance. Accepting and allowing. Most of the nurses, male and female, that I had contact with absolutely loved Dennis Kucinich. (There was one who really loved Bush). Coincidentally, Dennis Kucinich was in Asheville the week-end I was in the hospital. The hospital staff doctor that was assigned to me, gave me her personal book to take home until I could get one of my own, and continually told me that she had had similar experiences to mine. Another staff member found me a new doctor outside of the hospital and even made me an appointment. They all knew his office to be gentle, loving and spiritual. By the time I left the hospital, we were talking openly about many people soon to come, who would be needing assistance dealing with the changes to come. Like human angels, the staff seemed poised and ready. Since then, I have received very strong higher information that filled me with incredible energy and goosebumps and made my hair stand on end, that our hospitals will be ready and supportive, and will say “ascension symptoms? Right this way”.

But the story continues. After I arrived home, I encountered my neighbors while on a walk. Although I only knew them casually, they told me to please call them any time if I needed anything, and when I arrived home from the walk, they came over with a card and their phone numbers. When I went to my follow-up appointment with my new doctor, she told me that she had just recovered from a problem of taking on her patient's energy. The nurse there who drew my blood said that she was going through some anxiety, panic and depression and was continually surrounding herself with white light, surrendering, and staying in the moment. After I arrived home, the hospital called regarding my bill. Having no insurance and currently not generating any income (oh, the ascension and transition process!), they wanted to let me know that I did not need to pay my bill and that they would just “write off” the whole thing. And my new doctor said that she would like to continually treat me at no charge.

So what is going on here? This is “ascension support”. And in addition, evidence that the planet is FULL of highly evolved individuals in every nook and cranny. Yes, we are a planet of light and in ascension mode. When we trust, let go and surrender to source energy, we are in alignment with the New way of being. We are divinely guided in every way.

So what do we know about ascension so far? As we go through these intense changes, some supports seem to be helpful. Two involve water. Inside and outside of us. Drink a lot. While I was experiencing the most intense symptoms, I was told by my ascension guide (yes, we all have one and they are lovingly monitoring our process) to get in the water. Not a bathtub, but a pool where I could move through it. In addition, one day while I was walking in the forest, I had an intense sort of primal urge to jump in the river. It was near overwhelming. The next day after my first experience in the YWCA pool, a friend I hadn't spoken to for some time called from Wisconsin. She told me that Tobias (a channeled high level being) had mentioned water as an ascension support and she had been swimming regularly (you can access the Tobias material at www.crimsoncircle.com). So here it is: Get in the water. It really helps. Also, eat lots of protein and vegetables, especially upon arising and before bed. Your body is using a lot of fuel and needs it. Rest. And relax. Relaxing allows the energy to move through more easily. And most importantly, be in the moment.

Many are experiencing a loss of memory, confusion, inability to concentrate, and disorientation. Some of this is simply due to a lot of stress. Just high stress. We do know that short term memory loss is due to ascension, but so many of us are having it, that we have begun laughing each time it occurs. It has almost become common place. Some of us are feeling like we are in a “fog”. This is due to an integration and adjustment and alignment of the New energies within us. Part of us is here and part of us is in the higher realms. It can also simply be due to allergies. Some are feeling “out of body”…..as if they are talking and it is someone else's voice. Some say they feel like they are acting. My mother, who is also psychic, has been telling me that her voice sounds like it is not hers, and that in her youth, she used to leave her body while on a date and just observe things. If you are feeling “out of body” you may be having a natural human reaction to severe stress. In addition, the higher realms are very easily accessible now (especially for people like my mom and myself who are used to traveling there). We all know that when individuals get close to making their transition, they spend more time on the other side. If your outside world has become very uncomfortable for you because it is not matching your New inside vibration, you will subconsciously be tempted to stay in the more comfortable higher realms. Those with painful health situations are spending more time out of body as well. They would rather be somewhere else, and the higher realms are readily open to us now.

While I was off my medication and unbalanced, I continuously found myself jumping into the next dimension (I'll tell you what it looks like shortly). When I consciously raised my vibration in order to feel good again, I would automatically go there. If you are having this experience and enjoying it, go for it! If you are not ready and not enjoying it, it just means that you are not grounded. Having no grounding 4's in my numerology chart, and having access to the higher dimensions all of my life, grounding has been a challenge for me for many years. Grounding not only involves keeping your energy and feet planted firmly on the earth, but can also involve community involvement, and a sense of belonging and purpose on this earth. A reason for being here. Staying grounded is vital for a pleasant ascension process.

Boundaries. Many are taking on a lot of energy that is not their own, adding to extra stress within them. Whatever method works for you, whether it be surrounding yourself in light, or visualizing a barrier, we need to be our own separate energy. I prefer just “turning the channel” when I am around others in an intense situation. While I was recovering, this information came to me from so many sources, I could not ignore it. I had been taking on other people's “stuff” and did not even know it. We are also finding that our bodies are slow to catch up to our rising consciousness. While working with a doctor over the phone on the west coast, she informed me that only 4% of my body had caught up with my consciousness. It is as if we are trying to push a dense mass through a hole that it cannot go through. Being in the water, resting, and eating right seems to help.

Our ascension experience will also be in direct correlation to how we run our energy. Any misperceptions (or “issues”) we may still have will be magnified and affect the comfort level of our experience. But this is a great gift and opportunity to become balanced. As we are now in “unity” consciousness, we are, as always is the case, experiencing the polar opposite first. This is designed so that we may know what we don't want, experience the contrast, and then begin to create what we do want. And as my beautiful nurse said it best, when we allow and embrace this darkness we feel, we are able to integrate it and let it pass more quickly. Having abandonment and neglect energy most of my life, it really became magnified as this New unity energy arrived. While I was in the higher realms, my foremost thought was that I was all alone. I was just carrying over this energy I had yet to balance. But the good news is that many of us are at the core misperceptions of abandonment, trust and worth. We are ready to now move through them and the ascension process will surely nudge us forward, as we will eventually break through to the other side where these feelings do not exist. Now vibrating this New unity energy within me, I found it difficult to be in anything but a lifestyle of unity. While at a women's gathering several weeks ago, I mentioned that I was looking to move. Spirit Haven, a spiritual retreat center in the Asheville area where many are currently living, came up as an opportunity. At the time, I didn't think too much about it. But while in the hospital, a staff member mentioned that I should move to Spirit Haven. Just out of the blue this came out of her mouth, and I had only had one contact with her. So currently, I am in the process of allowing this to unfold and will be shortly going there with a real estate agent from the group to check out their one remaining available rental.

There is much more to share with you, but it will unfold in future energy alerts, as this one has become so very lengthy (so much catching up to do!). And what does life look like in the higher realms? This was the first time I had been there while in my body, and what an experience it continued to be! There is no pain, suffering or discomfort there. It simply does not exist and is absolutely unheard of. I found it very bewildering that people were writing down numbers on pieces of paper in exchange for goods. This was a very strange two step process for me. Everyone knew that they could have whatever they wanted, so why were they doing this? They seemed to have a belief or misperception of lack. I couldn't figure out why so many people were running around doing mindless errands, when everything is always provided. They seemed to be wasting their energy when it could be used for creating and creating and living their lives of joy. I didn't understand why we used telephones when we had telepathy. And why were people driving around in cars when they could instantly arrive anywhere by using their intention alone? But the separation from each other was the most profound. Everyone seemed to be on their own, so to speak, thinking that they were the ones responsible for making everything happen and that they were all alone. Pronounced male and female energy was also strange. In my world, there was an integration of the masculine and feminine. It was also abundantly clear that everyone was living in their own fantasy world of their own individual misperceptions and beliefs. Each person had created a specific scenario that they believed was real. Ultimately, nothing was real. We had all just made everything up. It was just a game of creating that we had gotten caught up in. None of the pain, suffering or lack was real. We just thought it was. As I have since learned that we can control and navigate which dimension we choose to be in, I have chosen to allow my own ascension process to unfold more slowly, and to be here with the majority of you. For now, this is the most comfortable place for me.

As I begin to feel better and better, the What's Up On Planet Earth? web site will be updated with more supports, including remedies for those experiencing anxiety as well as other supports to connect with others, and several other new additions.

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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