Ascension Sandman and re-calibrating

For over a month now, I have been unable to use my laptop. It would not allow any power to connect to it. A new battery, a new motherboard, and finally, the solution, a new power cord (apologies for the delayed energy alert this time…if you were wondering if perhaps you missed one, the last one was on March 26th . So a delay as well with Stepping Into The New Reality, but coming soon). My computer was simply dead…no energy, kaput, out cold for what seemed like forever. It would work for a short while, and then a complete disconnect from its energy source.

And this is how the energy has been for the past several weeks as well. Feeling as if we have dead batteries…… Brain fog, deep and frequent sleeping, spaciness, an inability to focus or concentrate, not wanting to do anything (and not caring about anything either!), along with those old familiar strange bodily aches, pains, and stiffness are all here once again as we are arriving more fully in the next level of vibration and frequency while we continue our never-ending journey into the higher realms.

The energies of March are finally settling down, but they have brought us to another new land…and a new land it is indeed. At times we may feel as though we are floating around in space, anchored to nothing, while we strive to find our new bearings. And in higher realms energy, so much of our will or ego selves is gone, and softer and gentler parts of us begin to reveal themselves much more indeed.

Simply focusing on a thought or space can seemingly take us there instantly, and for periods of time, we may not know where we are at all. With these higher energies now ever-present, we may find that we can jump into worlds, realities, and feelings in one brief instant, and each and every one of these worlds can seem so very different from another.

Navigating back and forth can prove to be exhausting. How can we continually stay in the higher reality of no time frames, agendas, a world of doing and making things happen, when we are suddenly feeling like doing nothing, basking, and simply being? Crying jags can be prevalent as well, as higher energies always create openings, and when we open, we simply feel a need to weep for no apparent reason.

At times we may not remember where we are going while driving down the road, and worse yet, we may not care that we do not remember! “Was I going to the store? Why am I going to the store? Can I drag myself in and walk down the isle? I can’t wait to get home and collapse on the sofa! Boy, a nap would feel great right now, and why can’t I seem to keep my eyes open while I seem to be having some kind of yawning marathon? Discipline? I don’t have a drop of energy reserves for that kind of thing…maybe my life will finally go down the drain while I seem to be unable to be attentive at all! But I can’t think about it now…I’m just too tired.” 

If you have been having any of these thoughts or experiences, you are most likely in the throes of yet another transition. We are simply adjusting to a new and higher frequency. Trying to get anywhere or make anything happen while experiencing this kind of energy can simply prove to be futile or frustrating at best. Some are in the basking flow and unable to respond to those who are trying to be responsible! No one is right or wrong here…it is just simply a matter of tapping in and going with the flow, or not.

Generally speaking, we experienced a tremendous amount of energy influx for most of the month of March, were basically moved into new spaces (but what else is new with ascension?), and are now integrating the reality and the energies of an entirely new world and basically new dimension.

This is creating exhaustion to a great degree. And we are re-calibrating as well. Just like my laptop, we went from states of receiving big inputs of higher vibrating energy, to a period of detachment from it, as we are now re-calibrating ourselves for these very new spaces. And this is what is creating the feelings of disconnect, confusion, great exhaustion, and the like.

In addition, we are expanding like crazy. If my computer had been functional this past week or two (so sorry), you would have read an energy alert that described this expansion process. Lots of bloating, abdominal pain and cramping, and almost a feeling that our insides were blowing up so much that our outsides could no longer house them! We were most certainly S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G, and some intense bodily pains were ever so evident. Ouch!

Emotions were stretching and expanding as well. The old familiar weeping for no apparent reason, edginess, and at times feeling just out of sorts without being able to really put our finger on what was really wrong. The ascension process is a funny thing, as it mimics menopause so very closely…but men are having these experiences as well! The process really throws our systems out of alignment and balance on a regular basis.

So then, when we become dis-connected for awhile, we are then able to re-align and to really decide and become more clear about what we are now ready to align with. With the old now feeling as though it was perhaps a part of someone else entirely, are we now ready to move into our new pair of shoes? How much of the old do we hold onto?

The new is about the very new world. This new is on the cutting edge for us, but constitutes a very huge gap and stretch for many who are coming along behind us. As I have said so many times before, our “old” is now the “new” for so many others. And in this way, our “old” will be the bridge and what we will now be poised to teach to all those who have agreed to stay on this planet Earth and experience an entirely new reality.

This “old” will constitute our storefronts. This is why it may be best for many of us to keep these storefronts so that they may continue to generate funds for us to funnel into our “new,” until we are set up and stabilized to live without the need for a monetary based existence.

Living in a New Reality and higher dimension, going back to assist others along their path, and then returning to the higher realms. It has been interesting for us experiencing this spiritual evolutionary process. It used to be exhausting to raise our vibration up in order to communicate with the non-physical beings, and to channel or the like. Now it is exhausting to drop down into the lower dimensions for any length of time. Now we know how the non-physical beings have felt for so long! Yes, we are becoming non-physical beings ourselves, ever so slowly, and this is why with this latest leap in vibration and its corresponding integration, so may of us are having dreams that involve our loved ones who have already transitioned. We are now much closer to their world than ever before.

In the immediate months to come, watch as the new butts up against and crashes into the old in regard the mainstream reality. A major collision is on the horizon in regard to old and new energies. And it is always best to rise above these collisions and to remain as much as possible in our own versions of higher realms reality. Our jobs now no longer involve “the breakdown”……instead, they involve the “building up” of the new.

So as we begin completing this process of “separation” and dis-connect so that we can fully re-calibrate and bring ourselves back together personally (within), before we re-connect and re-unite again as a whole, we can always know that things are in divine and perfect order. We are experiencing just what we need to be experiencing, and are in the perfect space that we need to be in.

Energetically, the tide is out, so to speak, even though we are at a new and higher level. But it will come back in, as it always does, even though we are still in the magical energy that is now here to stay. This is a time of change. We are in the process of changing our shoes and almost ready to step into some new ones. You will soon look back and wonder where you used to be, and who you used to be, as you will now be in an entirely new reality and existence….beginning yet another new chapter. Isn’t expansion fun? Aren’t all the possibilities for creating anew so very exciting? Isn’t it awesome to begin a very new day in any way we choose? Can you take a leap of faith and move ahead?   

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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