Ascension Shock

January has brought in some interesting energies……up, down, sideways and backwards with interesting directions and purposes. Sadness, exhilaration, shock, confusion, movement and fear are but some of the emotions being created by this forward thrust into the New.

Firstly, many have recently and suddenly been put into positions and situations that were pre-planned at soul levels for this current time. When we reached critical mass, the vibrations then signaled us and activated us for this New time that has now fully arrived in January. Consequently, we were then positioned for the New, whether we were ready or not.

Not everything was necessarily completed or wrapped up in some of our lives, but some found themselves in positions of the New anyway. We are supposed to be here in these situations and positions, and so no matter what our current situations were, we were placed in position whether we were ready or not. It was part of our original plan. Our souls always place us where we need to be.

New relationships occurring before the endings were complete with the old, moving to New geographical locations before we thought we were ready (even though we always knew where we would be next), New homes before we had even entertained an idea of leaving the old, and so forth.

Our souls always know what they are doing and the more we are connected to ourselves at soul levels, the easier our transitions become. It is easier to let go of all the old when one knows what is around the next corner. Even so, these sudden movements were nearly a shock as we needed to be where we had planned to be for the beginning of the New world. And suddenly here was the New…. right now .

These latest forward thrusting energies can create some interesting physical and emotional states as well. The dizziness can return as we are moving ahead into a higher dimension. Experiences of not being fully present in your body. Spaciness. Confusion. And an almost feeling of shock to our systems as we are being placed somewhere New……in another reality. Totally New in vibration. A big change for the human system. You may even feel frozen in awareness due to this movement.

Panic and anxiety can also occur as our ego and human selves do not know what is happening or where we are headed. Also, this time is one of really leaving….we have left one reality and entered another. And we have left much of our egos behind and our egos do not like disappearing, so they fight at every turn. It is almost as if we are saying, “Im not ready to go yet!” as we yet continue to die while we are alive.

This newly whirling energy can also affect our emotions. This time of movement creates the breakdown energy. You may feel like breaking down and crying or that you are falling apart. It is a time for the unraveling. An unraveling of the old within us and most certainly the old without. The older denser vibrations are really leaving rapidly now and this quickly accelerating energy can cause chaos, panic, fear and emotional upheavals. Or perhaps you are feeling as though you are just going a bit crazy.

My youngest cat has been full of unusual energy lately and running around the house like a mad woman! She is really feeling it, but her star family continues to monitor her and we communicate frequently, making sure she is running her energy in a healthy and non-destructive way. These New animals are here to pave the way for the energies of the New and are loving being here. They can get very enthusiastic!

And my older cat has been very clingy and confused.

Yes, this amazing shift into a higher dimension can leave one feeling downright strange…….and without quite really knowing why.

But other amazing things are occurring as well during this time. We have arrived in the vibrations and reality of the fun manifesting time. It is quite quick now, and very interesting to find whatever we desire arriving immediately at out feet.

It has been a fun time for me, as I am finding myself constantly tweaking my desires, as they arrive so quickly that I find myself saying, “Oh, I should have been more specific. This is what I was thinking or wanting, but it isn't yet right. I think I'll add this or that to my desire and try again.” And then poof! Along it comes in only a few short hours. Wheeeeeee!

And the synchronicities are abounding as well. Think of something and it will immediately show up on TV, during a phone call, at your door or in a book. It is truly wild, but great fun for training in the art of manifesting!

We are also finding ourselves in two distinct realities. We can purposely choose which one to tap into. One feels pretty horrible and the other pretty glorious. The old world and the old ways will be rapidly unraveling now. The old systems that were set up as a way of functioning and living will no longer work and when we are involved with them, we can feel pretty ughy. We no longer match these vibrations. We can barely stand to be in them.

But tap into the New, and you will feel truly Heavenly. The New involves asking and expecting what you truly desire…not what you think is reasonable or possible. Go for the top….expect to manifest the moon. You can you know……..yes you can. Just believe it. Expect it. Expect something different than you have always gotten. Know that it is time for you. Your time is here. Your needs will be met. Don't get lost in the world that is sinking. Go higher. Live there instead. Know you can. Don't take what has been dealt you. Create what you really want. You are in charge.

Remember , you are now living in a higher dimension. If you forget where you are, you will continue to create the old world reality, over and over. You need do that no more. You have arrived in Heaven….what will yours be?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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