August 1, 2005: The Internal Earth Changes


Yes, it is time for getting out of our boxes by getting real.

This phenomenon is occurring in most all scenarios as we find ourselves demanding what we want, not being able to tolerate anything less and forcing us to move forward.

The energies of March and April bumped us up vibrationally to a point where much, much more can no longer tolerate these lower and old world vibrating energies. Like an incredible sandwich with Heaven above and the New Earth below, Heaven and Earth are meeting and what is in between and not in alignment with what is above and below, is being crunched and exposed and being asked to depart.

With the advent of the solstice on June 21 and then the arrival of newer energies on July 7, we were then poised for great change and movement. The solstices always bring forth a purging and releasing at deep levels within and without, and right on the heels of this energetic “deep cleanse” came an opening to the higher realms of reality through a 7:7: 2005 (7) portal. We had no choice but to encounter and create change!

What were the manifestations? Anger, outbursts, tension, stress, attacking behavior, feeling shaky and ungrounded, feeling knocked out of our grooves, a sense of belonging nowhere and feeling lost, fear, and great losses and enormous upsets.

Health situations, relationship breakups, sobbing, abnormal sleeping patterns, an intense and IMMENSE shake-up of what may seem like most of everything occurred at what felt like monumental levels.

Like a huge glacier moving through and affecting everything in its path, the New was arriving, if only through a great sense of destruction, deterioration and upheaval. And like the “internal tsunami” of months past, we experienced the “internal earth changes” that were mimicking and creating earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods, all WITHIN us.

Believe it or not, all is in perfect order here.

What has happened is that as we arrive at higher levels of being, we finally begin to “snap” as we refuse to accept and be a part of anything of a lower vibration and anything that no longer serves us or feels good.

We have a perfect ingrained barometer within us for finding our way. Always go towards what feels oh so good. Follow your heart, follow your bliss, follow what lights you up, follow what and who nurtures you at a higher level (as that is where you now are) and follow WHO YOU ARE.

When we experience unpleasantness or what feels like darkness, it always serves the higher purpose of showing us what we no longer want. The “darkness” is always there supporting us to move forward into new territory by literally pushing us out of our old grooves and on to a new way that supports and nurtures us, bringing us more into alignment with who we now are and where we now are.

As we can no longer tolerate the lower vibrational ways and norms, this continually adds fuel to the “rebellion” or “revolution” energy that is building more and more every day. These feelings and this energy are necessary and a pivotal part of our evolutionary process.

In order to make change at a physical level, we must get to a point where we can no longer tolerate anything that robs us of our natural right to freedom, of our freedom to create and exist and to be. We can no longer jump through hoops and follow endless red tape created by a controlling and fear based reality of the old world.

It is no mistake that the new bestselling book “1776” by the author and historian David McCoullough, is now in the forefront. It is carrying the energy of freedom and revolution and is serving as a manifestation of this current energy.

We can no longer tolerate any restrictions in personal relationships as well, nor can we become involved in the energies and patterns of others.

This last phase of ascension created within us a strong desire to ask for what we really want. It created within us a desire and knowingness that we absolutely deserve the best and that we should have it. And this greatly ties in with what I will be speaking about later in this message regarding what is coming in September.

Here is what the ascension process creates within us and here is why we are experiencing these latest upsets and upheavals:

The greatest theme for ascension and the mantra I like to use is “give it up, give it up, give it up”. In the higher realms, there are no attachments. When we made our transitions through the death process in the 3D, we released everything in one big “whoosh”. And now as we are dying while we are alive, we are step-by-step and as quickly as we can tolerate it, releasing all as well, but while we are still alive and in a human body.

We are evolving into human beings who vibrate totally and completely within ourselves along with a substantial connection to Source. We will no longer “need” others in our lives. We will simply connect with others for the joy of experiencing their energy (which is their unique and special contribution and purpose), and for the purpose of creating through the soul team process.

Because of this, we are continually releasing our connections to others who no longer serve us or with whom we have vibrated beyond. The same is true for creations of the physical world. This is why we move geographically and why we very suddenly leave jobs and why our lives seem to change and go a different direction in one instant. We have released and “spun off” that part of us and are now in a new space ready to attract a new experience.

(A brief note on geographical locations: We are beginning to reach the final geographical resting places for each of us for our home on Earth. It is different for all, but these places will perfectly match your own vibration and this is why they will feel oh so much like home. When your own vibration reaches a certain point through the cleansing and releasing process of ascension, you will be drawn and guided to your final resting place and this is when you will begin your purpose and work (or bliss and joy!) Your purer vibration will now totally match the pure vibration of your geographical home.)

So then, this latest phase has put us in perfect alignment for really asking and knowing what we want. And the great part is, when we become clear on what that is, in these higher vibrations, all we need do is to ask and what we want will arrive for us with rapid speed. The ascension process always involves ships passing in the night ; as the old moves out, the new moves in to replace it.

This latest phase has pushed us out of the old and almost forced us to be in position for the new. If we had been tolerating old situations for awhile, even knowing that they no longer fit us, they will be reaching a point of total intolerance, as they serve to force us or literally push us into a new space and new reality for our next level. Time to let go! And when we do, we will literally be skyrocketed into a very new space that feels oh so much better!

So what is this all about? It is about the energies that will arrive in September (and carry through to parts of October) and again in January.

September is going to be incredible! I have seen this coming for quite some time, but we needed to go through the energies of these past several weeks in order to prepare us for September. We needed to experience the “internal earth changes”.

These past several weeks also carried an energy of being “boxed in” or trapped and feeling as though we had no where to go or perhaps that we were being squished by something. By “getting real” and really acknowledging and admitting and “seeing” that we had become caught in illusions of our own ego making, or where we were not connected to Source, we were able to set ourselves free.

When we hold onto things for security reasons, we have no choice but to become uncomfortable in these higher realms. And with the advent of the events coming in January, it is good that we are going through this “training” period.

Sometimes we have to get to a point where we “have had ENOUGH” in order to fully let go. So then, we are at a point in the physical world where we need to let go of the old ways, and are being nudged to do so by becoming extremely intolerant of them. Otherwise, we are tempted to hold onto them for security reasons.

So here is where the energies of September and January come in.

In September we will GREATLY move forward to begin creating more of the New World . As more and more falls away, more and more will begin to be created. Many are being “nudged” to go out into the world now and to become a part of it to create the new.

No more “waiting” for the conditions to be met as they are most certainly arriving now. And remember, the ships of the old and new will pass in the night for awhile yet.

On August 5 and 6, Flagstaff , Arizona , where I reside, will be hosting a sustainability expo ( Currently, the city of Flagstaff uses solar and wind power at most of its city owned facilities and uses hydro vehicles or bicycles for its transportation. Reading the program guide for the expo certainly lit me up, as I knew so well that in many, many areas around the globe, we will be moving forward in the physical with the new ways very rapidly beginning in September.

We will be “coming out” and setting up. And know that many portals will be opening up as well. Mt. Shasta , here in the US , the San Francisco Peaks, here in Flagstaff , and other areas around the globe ( South America , South Africa , Australia ) will be opening very rapidly. Mt. Shasta , for instance, will be opening to a new and higher level and unveiling energies that until now had remained “hidden”.

These new portals will open because the conditions have been met and because it is now time. The original blueprint for the planet Earth is being unveiled and expanding where it began in March 2005 in Hawaii .

And here is some interesting evidence. Recently I spent some time at the White Buffalo Ranch (Spirit Mtn. Ranch) here in Flagstaff . Although I had wanted to visit for some time, being a new resident, I didn't get there until now. But the timing was perfect, as always.

While there, Black Jack, the largest black male, began to charge me, toss his head, snort and paw over and over with his hooves and spin around with some sort of wild excitement. Well, he had a lot to say and we had a good 20 minute conversation. I was there with a friend who carried the energy and purpose of “opening portals” through his gifts of working with frequencies.

To summarize our conversation, Black Jack said that the white buffalo (I honestly did not know of their exact meaning and purpose until then) carried the energy of the New World . This very special energy had come from the stars and was embodied within the white buffalo. It was being held there until all conditions were met and the buffalo could then be united with others in human form who would assist in bringing the energy of the New World into form in the physical.

The time was most certainly nearing, but the buffalo needed the human element in bringing these energies together. I spoke with Jim, the loving and dedicated owner and caretaker of these buffaloes for quite some time. He and his partner Dena had been wanting to sell the ranch but could not find the appropriate owner and had taken it off the market. (To find our more about the white buffalo ranch, please visit their website at

It became very clear in viewing the energies that January would be a very pivotal time for such a transition and much more became clear as well. We were certainly moving rapidly ahead with our evolution and creation of the New World . As the portals are being opened more rapidly beginning in September (and a portal is being opened at the peaks in Flagstaff where the ranch is beautifully nestled at their foot), much more energy will be unveiled for the creation of the New at the physical levels.

The incredible culmination of all these energies at the Spirit Mountain Ranch, along with the timing, the buffaloes, the location and my own purpose and energies, created a possibility and perfect meeting point for creation that was absolutely fantastic and greatly exciting.

But there is more involved with this as well. September will herald the arrival of the meeting up of many soul teams to begin their exciting work creating the New World . With the advent of this very special time, those who were not quite poised and ready energetically, and who had not quite yet reached this place through ascension, will be undergoing a very rapid “crash course” of ascension and change in order for them to be poised and in position with their soul's original intent.

Through ascension, much is cleared away within us so that we are able to embody more and more Source energy and so that we embody more and more of our own special vibration and purpose.

All is in divine order, as always.

The teams are a necessary part of the process and we arrive and connect with them only when the time is right. No one is more advanced than another, as it is simply a matter of timing according to your soul's before birth plan.

And know as well that your purpose will not arrive for you until it is time on the planet for your purpose to be needed and utilized. All is in order with your evolution and with your purpose. No worries.

In September, then, many lightworkers will rapidly move forward with their “plans”. How divine!

So what about January? As it now stands, it appears that the real estate market here in the US will be poised to crash around that time. Many are being guided to sell their homes now, and this is why. The economy must undergo a major transition and this is the start of it.

This ties in as well with becoming comfortable with a new form of security and that security is our connection to Source. When we know that we can create fresh and new at any given moment, and when we know that all we want is at our disposal if we stay in our spaces of where and what makes us feel good, without trying to plan and figure out how we will be supported, we always have all that we want and need. Money simply becomes an unnecessary step relating to the means to get or have. Not necessary in the higher realms, and this is where we are now residing.

But I must emphatically state as well, that although January looks like a pivotal time for more great movement forward through a loss of our illusions about security, these scenarios rarely unfold in drastic ways. They always seem to be averted through our beautiful intentions of swaying the outcomes that could very well be possible at certain pivotal times.

There is strong opportunity for a “depression” situation with the economy that is coming our way in the next few months, but we never quite know how things will unfold. I have also been seeing that many, many lightworkers will be beautifully set up in beautiful surroundings during these times, with gorgeous homes and all they could ever need, while many at different levels of reality are having a very different scenario.

I greatly look forward to seeing and experiencing the surprises yet to come, as they always arrive like a Christmas box, never knowing what they will contain, but always in divine order. God bless, and talk with you soon!


Are you ready to create the New World through your unique and special passion?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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