August 23 , 2004: In Our Seats

“Zero point” is the best description for our current evolutionary status. We are poised at a point where we are exactly “in between” with what feels like no supports or no energy in either direction, but perfectly poised to lurch ahead very soon into a very New reality. As we have completed the very last phase of the “death” or “ending” of the Old World, the Old way of being, and our Old selves, experienced our grieving process and much letting go as we said good-bye at the highest levels, we are finally now nearly ready to move ahead with all of the New. With the Old “us” and the Old reality “energetically” being gone, there is really no energy to support any Old ways of being, patterns, lower vibrational methods and realities, and systems. Anything of the Old is standing still, with no energy support, ready to fall away when we thrust ahead into the New World. We are basically ready to “go!”, but only now waiting for the planetary alignments to assist us through their powerful thrusts of energy that, when combined with our human intent, will catapult us into the New World in mass. We are now just waiting for our “back up engines” to arrive for this grand party. There is much “scurrying around” energy occurring as we finish the final touches before we get in our seats and fasten our seat belts. Much excitement is prevalent behind the scenes. The “door has been closed”, as we leave behind the Old and take our seats, ready for our ascent into the New beautiful reality that awaits our creation.

As always, we are divided into different phases of this experience. Some are already aligned in certain areas of their lives, and experiencing some success and a connection with the New. (In addition, as we enter this New reality, we will be conducting healings and teachings, etc., with a New aspect to them, as we receive New higher information about how to use and run energy in this New World). Others are having “ascension” symptoms as they are readying for the New, and still others have been aligned and waiting for some time. We are always right where we need to be. Even though the Earth is ready to ascend “in mass”, this only means that a critical mass has been reached through our human intent and a planetary positioning, and there will be yet those who will continue to “arrive” after we do. As we all know well, lightworkers have agreed to go first and then assist those who follow. As every human being has made his/her decision as to enter the New World or not at a soul level, many will not be aware of these decisions and changes, and as they “awaken”, will be ready and needing our guidance, as we have already gone through this monumental and many times challenging process! What a great opportunity to create the compassion and experience that will be needed as we assist all others.

For me, it feels like a life has ended, a world and Old reality over, and a very New experience is here. It will be almost difficult and near impossible to remember the Old Earth and what it used to be like with its pain, suffering, negativity, and darkness. As we look back in times to come, we will tell our ancestors that we lived in that Old World, a world never to be again, where things were VERY DIFFERENT from this New World of love, joy, support, creativity, abundance and unity.

October appears to be a month where much of the New will begin manifesting in form, as we will then experience changes occurring for us. The entire period of the fall (or Autumn months) will bring much movement, change, rearranging and realignment for many. As What's Up mentioned in prior issues, the
”investigations” will continue, much will be revealed, much will be turned upside down and inside out, as we move into the New. (The governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, was recently quoted on MSNBC and in the Albuquerque Tribune as calling on the Federal government to release everything it knows about the Roswell incident, even though the case was officially closed in 1997 and even though Bill Richardson himself was energy secretary for the Federal government a few years ago. He says that the American people can handle the truth. In addition, there is word out about the new video “In Plane Sight”, which reveals actual footage of some alarming events surrounding 911 which were evidently withheld from the American public. And in Blakely v Washington, the United States Supreme Court has just invalidated aspects of the criminal sentencing system, there-by affecting how our courts and judges are allowed to sentence individuals who believe that the Income Tax is voluntary. As many of the darker elements in our Old systems have been systematically removed, we will soon be seeing ramifications of a New order of things and of a New freedom to create a higher way of being without interference! I am sure there are many more evidences of these changes in the physical, with many more yet to come.)

As Autumn brings in these changes, it may appear and feel as though there is chaos and turmoil, but it will just be the “changing of the guard” at the physical level, from darker denser energies of Old into the higher vibrational energies of the Light. Look for political surprises (as all will be in order and planned….we were expecting this), as well as geographical relocations for many lightworkers. The planet herself will be experiencing New areas of higher energy, as the Old vortexes will no longer be the only areas of higher vibration and alignment. In the future, there will be geographical areas that have been thus far remote and untouched, emerging as New power spots and locations for our New communities. This period between now and the first of the year will most likely bring in some unusual weather patterns as well. As one of our ascension symptoms for some has been night sweats and hot flashes, the Earth experiences them as well, in the form of global warming. This is just a symptom of an imbalance, and a repercussion from human behavior. As we enter into the New World and a New way of being takes hold without any interference, we will be free to create the balance needed in our weather patterns through New higher technologies, but mostly through our intent and vibrational focus within us as human beings. All will and can be rectified easily by group energy focus (see last week's energy alert re: three experiments due to take place in September for an example of our power and intent). These weather patterns have been generated from the Old World, and as we enter a time where the Light is at the helm in the physical, making all the decisions in form, we will have cart blanche to remedy and create the weather patterns that are needed and desired.

It will be a time of New Beginnings with a way of being that we have not seen on this planet for eons of time. This New World will activate and support us at our highest levels, bringing into form within us our own individual and unique contribution that we came to make. With so much purifying and cleansing over and done, what will be left will be the magnificent gold nugget of our highest selves, vibrating and expressing our natural gifts and talents. As we begin migrating to our geographical areas of resonance and vibration, unique to each of us, we will then be poised to offer our service of pure self-expression, resulting in a natural perfect alignment with Source and with our service to humanity and all the cosmos. Eventually we will begin to create the New communities that each have their own unique vibration in alignment with that particular geographical vibration. As each individual shares the same vibration as the center and the whole of the community, we will also each have a unique vibration of our own that serves to contribute to a piece of the whole, making it complete. All needs will be met, as each individual expresses what they love to do the most, and all contributions will be necessary and yet diversified, as they contribute to the mission and purpose of the whole (the particular vibration of the community and its geographical foundation). As many of us have not been wanting to continue with all those mundane responsibilities and chores, and with having to be responsible for others, this is just our evolution in action, preparing us for the specific expression we came to make. We will eventually no longer have to do ANYTHING that is not ours to do (or rather “be”). We have just been “tuning up” and coming into alignment with the New World and higher ways of being. (For a more detailed description of the New World, see “A View Of The New World Soon To Come” at ). And know that as always, the New World will arrive in stages and steps (not an immediate transition!), unfolding in a way that best supports the whole with the least amount of trauma and stress.

Can you imagine a world where we are free to create with no resistance? Can you imagine a world without suffering and pain? Can you imagine a world of unity and support? Can you imagine a world of joy and delight? WE are the new regime. We are almost there. We are almost ready to create what we have always known and what we came to do. Tune up your vision, sharpen your desires, and get ready for the New Phase, for our time is nearly here.

Are you ready to create the New World?  Are you ready to make your unique contribution of passion and creativity?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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