Breaking The Fever


The last week of April finally brought in the turning point we have been wishing for… what a long haul it has been! But the longer the haul, the much bigger the rewards and more glorious the outcomes. A friend of mine likens it to an engine stalling; never really getting going, but certainly trying. But oh so surely the pieces are arriving in due order. And during the end of April, things really began to shift.

And all in preparation for our New roles. So much loss and disconnecting, but all in preparation for a very New connecting to very New people, places, roles and supports.

This last phase since January was a real doozy, but it was also so very vital for where we are headed and for

where we are finally beginning to arrive.

With the detoxing being felt throughout our bodies (which still continues), to the severe grieving for the loss of all the illusions, to the most last phase of the “dumping” of more darkness within us, this process can really take a toll.

In the higher realms all is magnified. Add this to feeling weepy due to release, and you may have found yourself crying your way to the higher realms. The smallest act of kindness, the smallest expression of beauty in nature, or even the awareness of suffering can bring us to tears. Add to the pot the tumultuous feelings resulting from the intense energy surges that knock us completely out of our old grooves, creating shock and sometimes trauma within us, and at times we may wonder how we will ever arrive safely in the higher realms and in what kind of condition!

In April, much was greatly illuminated that was not real. A great amount was brought to the surface. And as always, like energies did their dance of attracting and bonding to like energies. And in this regard, the opposite also occurred. Much was blown apart and sent elsewhere if it did not match our newly higher vibrating selves. In the higher realms we can much more clearly see what is really going on as we are out from under the veil so to speak. And in addition, we are no longer connected through lower vibrational “hooks” or “issues.” Our interactions and relationships are based on a much more pure and refined connection of love, not based on agendas or needs.

Relationships were redefined, brought to higher levels, or simply ended. And if we were to think about this loss of relationships, we would admit that we really weren't surprised. And according to where each of us was now vibrating, our new assignments were brought more clearly to the surface. We were either here or there. Decisions were made in December during a lull as we were deciding at higher levels what we would be doing according to where we were vibrating……this created a temporary standstill in the energies. Shortly there-after we had a real “ascension shock” as we were very suddenly moved into positions to support these New decisions. So now, this is simply another step in the process.

This illusion and lower vibrating scenario being seen and ending also came into play within governments, careers and systems of the old world. It was a time of much being revealed for what it really was……….in all areas of our reality.

Then, at the end of this “preparing for the New World ” phase, we “dumped” a huge chunk of darkness or lower vibrating energies within us. This was indeed another step in preparation for our very New roles. This may have been experienced by some of you as almost a dark night of the soul. We found ourselves in states of questioning and re-evaluating who we were, why we continued to create what we created, and what we may be needing to work on in ourselves. The shadows were up and ready to be balanced and integrated. It was a time of deep pain and questioning, but very necessary. And if done in the highest way, even served to bring us closer to our faith and trust to know that all was in divine order and always will be.

Many found themselves realizing that they needed to start asking for more for themselves. Perhaps being too “nice” and too accommodating to others, or even always being the one who understands and supports and gives but does not get enough in return. This was precisely what was needed in order to shift things within that needed shifting. For our New roles and if we are going to be ready to create the New Planet Earth, we need to be very comfortable and accepting that it is OK to demand that things be the way we need them to be. We are the New creators of the very New Earth and we are therefore, in charge and need to be running the show and very sure about it.

During this readiness time, you may have felt a strong desire to serve or to support and assist the planet in some way. What is occurring now is the arrival and more integrative stages and higher connections to our highest selves or to the parts of us that are much more connected to our souls. We are moving into our New positions. We will be attracting or now connecting to either New spiritual partners for our service and work, or taking our current partnerships to New purposes.

We will be ideally matched with these people and purposes. And if we allow ourselves to trust and know that we are going in the right direction and that we are right on spot with what we will now be doing, the supports will arrive in record time. In addition, if you can allow yourself to be fully passionate and engrossed in your purpose, you will need not even concern yourself with the “how.” It is not your job. Your passion is.

Being “in between” has been a big theme of late as well and this state creates some challenges in itself. You may only be able to create “temporary” things in this state. If you need something right now (or I should say in the past 4 months or so), it ends up being “temporary.” I am in a temporary house, am in the process of hooking up with a new “temporary” publisher and much of everything else seems to be “temporary” as well……….but not all is temporary….just most (I'm speaking to you, my new web designer and copy editor J !). There is good reason for this. As I have bored you so many times with this repetitive fact, things have to be lined up first before we can move into them. If at all possible during the stages of readiness, wait before you move ahead. If situations and conditions demand that you need to move ahead during the “in between” stage, know that it may be into temporary circumstances.

While in the “in between” we also experience much lack of support. I talk a lot about this kind of thing in my newest book The Ascension Primer. The energies pull out while they are recalibrating and while we are readying and realigning ourselves. During these times we can feel very disconnected to most of anything….simply because we are . It is also very easy during these times to become lost, confused or feel simply futile. And as always, the ascension process creates times for us where we loose all our confidence. This is not a maybe in regard to the confidence….this is a sure thing. It happens to all of us. It is part of the process. But it passes.

So, also during this “readiness” time our bodies are integrating and “dumping.” I have never really felt inspired to use the word “dumping,” but this is the best description this time around. Within us, we are also dumping much of the lower vibrations for others as well. It is not all our stuff. It's that crazy service we agreed to provide for the planet in order to assist in raising the frequencies. Why were we so brave and confident (smile)?

Headaches and body aches are very prevalent during this time. As are ear pressure and back pain. Our bodies are totally realigning, morphing, dropping density and changing into higher forms. This can at times make one feel as though their body is dying or very rapidly growing old. Sometimes we may wonder why we aren't feeling rejuvenated and re-born instead of hobbling around like a 120 year old!

Much has transpired and been completed this year. These very New roles are incredibly exciting indeed. If you choose to look back, perhaps to even a few months ago, I imagine you would see a person and scenario vastly different from who and where you are now. If not yet, then very soon.

May will continue to bring in more pieces of the New in regard to our New roles, as well as many more supports and New connections. Things will begin to rev up and move forward at last. You may be very surprised at what has suddenly transpired and arrived in regard to what you will be doing. It is finally time to bring what we know into form to support the creation of the New.

Are you ready to move into some very New territory? Are you ready to trust that this is where you need to be? If you will allow yourself to go there, you will find supports and joy and happiness and great connections that you had yet to experience in the old world.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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